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Suzan Jordan |
My father, Sydney Eustace Jordan, sailed as Chief Engineer on the s/s MooreMack Mar and I think also on the MooreMack sea and the Tide, in the 50's and 60's. The ship would dock in San Francisco, where we lived. Many years later in my line of work I boarded one of these ships, from the mothball fleet, renamed and in service during the Gulf war, carrying cargo to the Middle East from Port Chicago. I was happy to know that at least one was still in service.
26 July 2011 - San Francisco, CA

Tony Watkins |
I grew up in Pascagoula,MS where the SS Argentina and Brazil were built. I was born in May of 1957. My father was a maintance carpenter at the shipyard. He was in charge of building and decorating the stages where the dignataries were seated. Thanks for having this sight to remind me that my father had a big part of this historic company.
4 July 2011 - Moss Point, MS

Sandra Schurig Rollins |
The site was forwarded to me by a family member who was working on genealogy. I remember the Quering Family trip back to the states.Walt, Ginny and Linda experienced their first snow fall while visiting us. What a wonderful photo of close friends.
31 May 2011 - New Jersey, USA

Mimsey |
I fell upon this site by accident.
How wondeful to see my Uncle Aldo
Mario's name here.
He was the purser on the SS Argentina
+ the SS Brazil.
Fond memories of him bringing our family Cherry Herring,Palm Hearts,Coffee Beans in his trips from around the world.
-But mostly, I remember him, the person,his kindness,his sense of humor-his love.
Thank you for this site.

15 May 2011 - Connecticut

Priscilla (Crandon) Braam |
My parents and I were passengers on the Mormacdale in August of 1957. I was 11 years old at the time. It was a wonderful voyage from Santana, Brazil to New York. The Captain and crew were so nice to us, and I will always have fond memories of that trip.
1 May 2011 - Garden Grove, Calif.

Daniel Paul Denton |
I traveled with my family on the SS Brasil and the SS Argentina. The fond memories are with me forever.
11 April 2011 - Peoria, IL

Dieter Schambach |
When I first met Juan, we were fierce adversaries. Commercially competitive, there was never malice between us. Later, we found ground for common interest and we turned into close friends. With a heavy heart I learned of Juan's passing. He was an idol for me.
9 April 2011 - Rumson New Jersey and Rio de Janeiro

Polly Wennihan Prochut |
Traveled Mormacbay from Brazil to USA in 1969 with my sister and mom. Was nine years old.
6 April 2011 - Arizona, USA

Hardrick Crawford, Jr. |
My father departed Camp Shank, New York and boarded the SS Brazil on May 15, 1943 and sailed to Noumea, Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides as a member of the all black 922nd Air Base Security Battalion, arriving on June 13, 1943. It was fascinating to view the SS Brazil that is a part of my family's history.
30 March 2011 - Clinton, Maryland

james perez |
worked for moore-mccormack back in late 60s at #2broadwafice services dept. 16thfloor enjoyed my time there.was honored to meet mr.moore & his son mr.moore jr. thanks for this site.
27 March 2011

jerry gordon smith |
As a frosrbite victum with 3rd Inf Div I was placed on the Meredith Victory on December 24, 1950, sailed to South Korea with refugees
21 March 2011 - Avon Park, FL

Lizzie Ditlevsen |
Hi, my family and I (I was 8 years old then) travelled to the USA and back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the 1960's both in SS Argentina and SS Brazil.
16 February 2011

Brad Nutter |
I stumbled upon this web site while researching the name on one of my Zippo Lighters that I collect- which is the same one that is on this site. But what I want to say is that I couldnt get enough when reading all the history on this company and the men and women whom worked and served.Very interesting reads.very interesting people.makes me wish I were there!
24 December 2010 - Terre Haute,IN