Moore-McCormack Lines established a four-continent American-flag shipping service in 1957 when Robin Line was acquired by the Company.  Ships flying the red and green Mooremack house flag now trade in North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

Founded in 1935, the Robin Line quickly became known for swift, dependable cargo service from Atlantic ports of the United States to South and East Africa.  Ports served range from Cape Frio on the Atlantic around the Cape of Good Hope to Mogadiscio on the Indian Ocean.  These ships also serve the Malagasy Republic, Zanzibar and other Indian Ocean islands.

Lourenço Marques and Mombasa ... Cape Town and Durban ... Zanzibar ... are among the faraway African cities visited on the "Sea-Safari" cruises of the Argentina and Brasil.

Africa is a land of dynamic change.  Yesterday‘s colonies are today‘s young nations.  As these new countries develop their needs increase.

The Company‘s ships are helping to fulfill these needs by carrying to Africa the varied products of United States industry.  The ships return from Africa with ores and minerals so vital to the American economy plus herbs, spices, coffee and tea to please the American palate.

Shippers get Much Moore with Moore-McCormack:  reliability, modern equipment, speed, expeditious handling and the benefits of local port knowledge and experience.  Mooremack‘s sales, traffic and trade development services are at your command.



Reprinted from "A profile of maritime progress, 1913-1963"

Moore-McCormack Lines, Incorporated

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New York 4, N.Y.

(Booklet courtesy of Karin Cleary)

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