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May 2004 - Jack Otte, a member of the  Bell Staff from the maiden voyage of the S.S. Argentina in December 1958.

November 2007 - David Roos handing over his father's Captain's hat to Ginger for the Museum.   His father was Sven E. Roos, who was Captain of several MML ships.

February 2008 - Joe Stone pointing to the Revell model of the S.S. Brasil, that he assembled and donated to the Museum.  While he was Second Mate on the ship, he met his wife, Sally, who was aboard as a passenger for one of the voyages.

February 2008 - Charles Ecker and his wife, Margaret.  Charles has donated many items associated with LNG ships and cargo ships, including the house flag for LNG.

February 2008 - Charles Ecker, Bill Vinson, and Joe Stone. 

















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