Moore-McCormack Lines was made up of more than passenger ships, passengers, cargo liners, and cargo.  It was the men and women (commonly known as "Mooremackites") who made the company what it was. 

Below is the list of Mooremackites who have contacted us.  The names in parentheses are the persons who contacted us for their relative, living or deceased.  If there are any revisions to be made, or if any Mooremackite would like to add their name to the list, please send us an e-mail.   You will probably recognize some of these names and remember good times.  If you wish to make contact with an old friend, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

For those of you who would like your name to be linked to an e-mail address, please let us know.


*  Deceased


* George Robert Aitken

   (son, Samuel Aitken, II)

Manager Bulk Cargoes

Assistant Vice President

MML - New York (1938-1958)

MML - New York (1958-1967)

* Samuel R. Aitken

   (grandson, Samuel Aitken, II)

Superintendent Engineer

Vice President - Operations

MML - New York (1919-1926)

MML - New York (1926-1938)

Andrew Allocco

Third Engineer


* Thomas D. Baker

     (son, Thomas Baker)

Radio Operator

Mormacsea (1948-1954)

* Doris Balzarini

   (Married to Daniel Gerardi)

Freight Casher

Main Offices

* Nikki Biggs

   (niece by marriage, Sue Shreve, and grandniece, Cindy Richard)

Cruise Directress

S.S. Brazil / S.S. Brasil (1952-1969)

* Robert Bradsell

     (sons, Robert and Kenneth Bradsell)



Staff Captain

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Uruguay


Pascagoula, MS - Oversaw construction of the S.S. Argentina and S.S. Brasil (1957-1958)

Staff Captain,  Captain

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil

* Eleanor Britton

   (grandnephew, John-Paul DeRosa)



Cruise Directress, Chief Cruise Directress, Directress of Cruise Staff

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brazil / S.S. Uruguay / S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil / MML-New York (1938 to lay-up in 1969)

Kevin Burke


Mail Room Clerk

April 5th, 1955 - May 1956

Cables Department (Where all international and domestic communications were received and transmitted as well as radiograms and Cables from all sources)

June 1956 - August 1957

ARL Freight Booking

August 1957 - May 1960

Traffic/Operations (Vessel Scheduling)

May 1960 - October 1961

Military Service (U.S. Army)

October 1961 - September 1963

PRL/SL Traffic

September 1963 - April 1967

Terminal Department (23rd Street Pier, Brooklyn)

April 1967 - 1970

Assistant Pier Supt.

1970 - 1978

Traffic/Operations Manager

1978 - April 23, 1983 (Last day as Moore-McCormack Lines)

Ronald Campana

KP Cadet, Kings Point

S.S. Argentina (1948)

Bill Campbell

Married Ann Schimoler (see below)

Third Radio Operator

S.S. Argentina (1948-1949)

Second Radio Operator

S.S. Argentina (1949)

First Radio Operator

S.S. Argentina (1949-1951)

Chief Radio Operator

S.S. Argentina (1951-1958)


Pascagoula, MS - S.S. Argentina (1958)

Chief Radio Operator

S.S. Argentina (1958 to lay-up in 1969)

* William A. Carey

  (son, Art Carey)

Chief Engineer

Mormacsun (1948)

Mormackite (1950)

Mesa Victory (1950)

Beatrice Victory (1950)

Mormactern (1950)

Mormacfuel (1955)

Mormacteal (1955)

Mormacdawn (1965)

Mormacpine (1968)

* Peter Castano

   (son, Robert Castano)

Chief Engineer

Superintendent of Engineers

Cargo liners (1942-1960)

Brooklyn Pier (1960s)

* Charles "Charlie" A. Chamot

  (daughter Tracey Gesell)


Mormacrigel (1966-1979)

* Carlos Lopes Coelho

  (son, Carlos Lopes Coelho, Jr.)

Driver for Operations

MML-Santos, Brasil (1962-1981)

Carlos Lopes Coelho, Jr.

Position Unknown

MML-Santos, Brasil (1977-1985)

Annette Cole

Trade Development


Tom Conway

Radio Officer

Mormactern (1947-1951)

Tim Cooney

Export Documentation Clerk

 Philadelphia, Pa. (1981-1984) 

Sal Cordaro

Third Assistant Engineer

Mormacoak (1949)

Ron Crook

Chief Mate


Janet Cuffe

Secretary for Ed Martinez and others in Traffic Department

MML-New York (1960-1969)

*  Robert A. DeVoto

    (nephew, Robert C. DeVoto)

Chief Steward

Cargo liners (for over 50 years)

*  William Dewey

   (nephew by marriage, Rick Gebler)

Cadet Officer, Junior Engineer, Cadet Officer, Jr. 3rd Asst. Eng.

S.S. Brazil (1939-1941)

Junior Engineer, 3rd Asst. Engineer

Mormactide (1941)

3rd Asst. Engineer, 2nd Asst. Engineer

City of Flint (1941-1942)

2nd Asst. Engineer, 1st Asst. Engineer, Chief Engineer

Mormactern (1943 and 1945-1946)

2nd Asst. Engineer, 1st Asst. Engineer

Mormacwren (1943)

1st Asst. Engineer

Sea Pike (1944)

Chief Engineer

Cape Victory / Council Bluffs Victory (1946)

1st Asst. Engineer

Mormacsea (1946)

Chief Engineer

Beatrice Victory / Mormacmoon / Fisk Victory (1947-1948)

1st Asst. Engineer, Chief Engineer

Mormacrio (1948-1952) (1953-1955)

Acting Port Engineer

Office (1952-1953)

Chief Engineer

Mormacsaga (1954)

New Construction

Office (1955-1958)

Chief Engineer

S.S. Argentina (1958-1962)

* Kenneth Dickerson

    (granddaughter, Dawn Taylor)


Mormacsun (1958)

    Howard Dorey


Agency Department


    Gerand (Jerry) Driscoll




   Charles Ecker


Mormacrio (1968)

Third Assistant Engineer, First Assistant Engineer

Mormacbay (1975-1976)

First Assistant Engineer

Mormacstar (tanker) (1976)

First Assistant Engineer, Chief Engineer

Mormacsky (tanker) (1977-1980)

Chief Engineer

LNG Lake Charles (tanker) (1980-1985), Moore-McCormack Resources


Of Interest:  C. Ecker was also Chief Engineer of the Mormacsky (1985-1999) which was owned by Moore-McCormack Bulk Transport and then Mormac Marine Group which changed its company's name to Mormac Marine Transport.

* John B. Eichler

Head Chef

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brazil / S.S. Uruguay

Tom Ellsworth

Management Trainee

MML- New York (11 Broadway) (1965)

Richard Faber, Jr.

Bill of Lading Department - Recapitulationist

MML-11 Broadway, NY (1955-1958)

John Farrell

Apprentice Engineer

S.S. Brasil (1967-1968)

Mormacpine (1968)

Third Assistant Engineer

Mormacvega (1969)

Mormacpenn (1970)

Mormacove (1973)

Second Assistant Engineer

Mormaccape (1977)


Third Assistant Engineer

Of Interest:

American Argo, f/k/a Mormacargo (owned by U.S. Lines - 1985)

Second Assistant Engineer

Lake, f/k/a Mormaclake (1990-1992) (served on ship during Gulf War while owned by Mormac Marine Group, Inc.)

Third Assistant Engineer / Second Assistant Engineer

Mormacsun (1998 and 2000) (owned by Mormac Marine Group, Inc.)

Bob Febos

Third Mate

Mormacvega (1976)

Of Interest:  In 1988 became Master of Allison Lykes (owned by the Lykes Brothers), f/k/a Mormacvega

Dilson Ferreira de Oliveira

Office Boy, Assistant of Claims Department

MML-Santos, Brasil (1966-1978)

Thomas Georgas

Mail Room, Container Control Supervisor

MML-23rd Street Terminal, New York City (1975-1982)

Daniel Gerardi, Sr.

(Married to Doris Balzarini)

Bill of Landing, Traffic Manager

MML-Main Offices, New York City

Glenn R. Germaine

Third Officer

S.S. Argentina (1967-1968)

Second Officer

Mormaclake (1968-1969)

Third Officer

Mormacsun (1970)

Third Officer

Mormaclynx (1973)

Third Officer

Of Interest:  G. Germaine also sailed for three years aboard the Mormacsea, Mormacsky, Mormacstar, and Mormacsun following their sale/transfer to Mediterranean Marine Lines and subsequent renaming to Defiance, Red Jacket, Great Republic, and Young America (all names of former clipper ships)

Robert Harrison

  ( son, Steve Harrison, married Jill Tapogna)

Chief Steward



Marine Angel

* John Hakmann

    (niece by marriage, Sue Shreve, and grandniece, Cindy Richard)

Head of Commissary

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brazil / S.S. Uruguay / S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil (1940-1967)

MML-New York (1967-1969)

Thomas Hoff

Deck Cadet

S.S. Argentina (1956-1957)

Russell S. Hudson

District Manager

MM-Boston (1980-1983) (finishing under United States Lines)

Norman Charles Hulett

Claims Trainee / Chief of Claims

MML-Buenos Aires, Argentina (1957-1982)

Of Interest:  In 1982 continued in the office for United States Lines until the bankruptcy was completed in 1987

 Chuck Kelly 

Various jobs

Pier 80 South, Philadelphia (1980-1983)

Robert Kelety

Watch Standing, Junior Engineer, Third Assistant Engineer

Mormacswan / Mormacelm (1950-1953)

* Wallace Kepler

    (son, Tom Kepler)

Chief Officer

Worked for MML 20 years, ending with Mormacdraco

Don B. Kingsbury


Mormachawk (January 1943)

Dick Kraus

Assistant Ship's Photographer

S.S. Brazil (1951)

Charles Kresge

Engine Cadet (KP57)

Mormacdale (1954)

* Admiral Robert C. Lee (USN Ret.)

   (son, Robert C. Lee, Jr.)

Vice President

Exec. Vice President and Director

Chairman of the Board

MML - New York (1920-1938)

MML - New York (1938-1959)

MML - New York (1959-1962)

Danny Leone

Cruise Director

S.S. Brazil / S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil


Bill Longo


USAT Argentina (1946)

S.S. Argentina (1957-1958)

J. Robert Lunney

Staff Officer

Meredith Victory (1950-1951)

S.S. Uruguay (1951)

Mormactide (1951)

Mormacdawn (1952)

S.S. Brazil (1953)

American Clipper (1953)

Mormacmoon (1954)

Mormacfir (1954)

Mormacdale (1954)

Mormacspruce (1955)

Dan MacElrevey


Mormacsaga (1961)

Third and Second Mate

Mormactrade (1963-1965)

Second Mate

S.S. Brasil (1966-1967)

Cargo Superintendent

23rd Street Terminal (1967-1968)

Chief Mate

Mormacpine (1968-1969)

Mormaccove (1969-1969)

Robin Locksley (1969)

Mormacpenn (1969-1970)

Hildegard Mader

Married Captain Harold Vanderploeg (see below) in 1966


S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil (1964-1965)


Elfriede Mader


S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil (1965-1967)

* Charles T. Mattmann

    (daughter, Wendy Mattmann McHale)

Vice-President, Executive Vice President

Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. (1945-1969)

* Emmet J. McCormack

    (niece, Virginia O'Donnell Poll)

Co-Founder, Vice-President, Treasurer

Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. (1913-1965)

* John ("Jack") McDowell

     (son, Rick McDowell)

ended up in Traffic Department

MML-New York (1935-1976)

Robert P. Melsopp

   (daughter, Karin Cleary)


S.S. Argentina (1957-1958)

S.S. Argentina (1958-1968)

Mormacvega (1968-1982)

Mormacdraco (1968-1969)

Mormacsky (1969)

Mormacfir (1970)

Mormacsun (1970)

Mormacrigel (1982)


Of Interest:  R. Melsopp was also Purser on American Vega, f/k/a Mormacvega, but now owned by US Lines (1982-1985)

* Stanley Mentrak

     (nephew, Tom Mentrak)


S.S. Uruguay (unknown, probably 1930s-1940s)

* Bill Mitchell

   (son, Ross Mitchell)

Regional Director

MML-New York, Baltimore, Norfolk and Washington (25 years)

Bill Mohan

   (brother, Henry Mohan)

Regional Director

MML-Montevideo, Uruguay (1942-1949) / MML-Buenos Aires, Argentina (1950-1969)

* Albert V. Moore

    (granddaughter, Wendy Mattmann McHale)

Co-Founder, Chairman, President

Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. (1913-1953)

* William T. Moore

   (niece, Wendy Mattmann McHale)

President  (1953-1969) / Chairman (1965-1969)

Chairman, President (1965-1971)

Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.

Moore & McCormack Company, Inc.

Walt Nadolny

Second Mate

Mormacrigel (1981)

Edward Newman

See a photo of Captain Newman.

Deck Cadet



Mormacisle (1947)


Mormacargo, later renamed American Argo when taken over by U.S. Lines (1977-1984)

Robert O'Brien

President, Chief Executive Officer

MML-Buenos Aires, Argentina (1939)

* Thomas O'Connell

    (son-in-law, Russell S. Hudson)

District Manager

MML-Boston (1940-1980)

Jack Otte

See a photo of Jack Otte.


S.S. Argentina (1958-1959)

Bert T. Phillips

Engineering Officer

S.S. Argentina (1959 and 1963)

Tony Pinto

Office Boy moving up thru the ranks to Operations Assistant

MML-Santos, Brasil (1966-1980)

* T. W. Poole

Second Mate

Mormacsaga (1948-1949)

Anthony Raia

   (daughter, Marilyn Raia)

Executive Officer

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brazil / S.S. Uruguay (1948-1954)

* Ernest A. Rattray

      (daughter, Elizabeth R. Whalen)

Second Officer / Captain

Several cargo ships and ocean liners (1938-1969)

Bill Richards

Third Mate, Second Mate

S.S. Uruguay / Dothan Victory / Mormacoak / Edward W. Burton / Ethelbert Nevin / Mormacgulf / Mormacdale / Mormacfuel (1946-1951)

Juan Maria Rivera

   (nephew, Nereida Ortiz)

Position Unknown

S.S. Brazil

Henry (Harry) F. Rogers

Day Third Engineer / Third Engineer / Second Engineer

S.S. Argentina (1964-1969)

Everett A. Rosenblum

Third Engineer

Bloomington Victory (1945-1946)

*  Harry Noble Sadler

      (niece, Elizabeth L. Wenner)


S.S. Brazil (1938-1955)

Joseph A. Scaturro

Junior Engineer

Mormacstar  / S.S. Argentina / Mormacwind / Mormacrio / Mormacoak / S.S. Brasil / Mormacmail (1960-1962)

Third Assistant Engineer

S.S. Argentina (1962-1965) / Mormacrigel (1967)

First Assistant Engineer

Mormacrigel (1967)

Walter Schwartz

Engineer, Cadet Officer

Sea Pike (1944-1945)

* Ann Schimoler

Married Bill Campbell (see above)



Purserett, Pharmacist Mate

S.S. Argentina / S.S. Argentina (1956 to lay-up in 1969)

Cargo Liners (1969-early 1970s)

* Paul B. Scott

Chief Officer

Seton Hall Victory (1946)


Mormaclark (1956)

Mormacwren (1957)

Mormacoak (1959)

Staff Captain

S.S. Brasil (1960-1962)

Master / Commodore

S.S. Argentina (became Commodore in 1966) (1962-1966)


S.S. Argentina (while laid up in November 1969)


Mormacsky (1972)

* Luis Alberto Sieyro

    (son, Raquel Paladino)


S.S. Brasil (1960s)

* Thomas N. Simmons

   (granddaughter, Diane Shugart)


S.S. Argentina / S.S. Argentina (1938-1963)

Paulo Jose Soares de Agular

Office boy

Assistant in the Department of Export Documents.

Santos, Brasil

Bob Stewart

Fourth Mate


Chief Officer



Robin Sherwood

Joseph L. Stone

Second Mate

Robin Kirk (1965-1966)

S.S. Brasil (1967-1969)

Silver Owl (1970-1971)

Thetis (1974)

American Trader (1974-1975)


Chief Officer

Mormacpenn (1969)

Mormacmail (1969-1970)

Mormactrade (1970)

Mormacbay (1973)

Mormacrigel (1973)

Mormacargo (1974)

Mormaccape (1975-1976)

Mormacstar (1976)

Mormacglen (1976_

Mormacstar (1976)

Mormacsky (1977)


Silver Owl (1971-1972)

Silver Dove (1972-1973)

Mormacsky (tanker) (1977-1980)

LNG Lake Charles (tanker) (1980-1984)

Of Interest:  J. Stone was also Master of the Silver Owl, f/k/a Mormacrio (1971-1972) / Silver Dove, f/k/a Mormacsaga (1972-1973)

* Anthony Tamis

Deck Cadet

Third Mate

Stevedoring Supervisor

Stevedoring Superintendent

Mormacsea (1954-1955)

Mormachawk (1958-1959)

25th St Terminal, Brooklyn (1969-1976)

25th St Terminal, Brooklyn (1976-1983)

Of Interest:  A. Tamis was Deck Cadet on the Robin Kirk (1955) before she became a Mooremack ship.  He continued on with U.S. Lines from Mooremack in 1982 and left in 1983.

Jill Tapogna

  (son, Steve Harrison)




Louis Tapogna

    (daughter, Cynthia Tapogna Gurian)

Assistant Purser

Second, First, and Chief Purser

Physician's Assistant and Purser

Husbanding Manager

S.S. Argentina (1954-1958)

S.S. Brasil (1958-1969)

Mormaclake / Mormacargo / Mormacaltair (1970-1978)

Mormac Marine Transport: Mormacsky / Mormacsun / Mormacstar (1978-1995)

* Emily Timoney

   (sister, Virginia Statile)


S.S. Argentina (1950)

* Charles Tucker

      (grandson, Robert  B. Tucker)

Chief Engineer

Possibly the S.S. Uruguay

(Looking for more information)

* Richard Uffleman

   (son-in-law, Edward Saks)

Designer, Builder, Chief Engineer

S.S. Argentina

Gerry Van Haasteren

     (son, CDR Cleve J. Van Haasteren [Ret.])

Third Mate

Mormacpride / Mormaclake /  Mormacpenn / Robin Mobray

Chief Mate

Mormacdraco / Mormaclynx


Mormacdawn / Mormacsea (tanker) /  Mormacsun (tanker) / Mormacsky (tanker) / LNG Lake Charles (tanker) (1955-1982, retiring in 1985)

Harold A. Vanderploeg

Appeared in Spring 1957 issue of "The Mooremack News" - "Cadet-Midshipman, Harold Vanderploeg, received the 'Albert V. Moore Award' for excellence in Kings Point; now Deck Officer, Argentina."

Married Hildegard Mader (see above) in 1966

Deck Cadet

S.S. Argentina (1954-1955)

Jr. 3rd Mate

S.S. Argentina (1957)

3rd Mate

Mormacdale (1957-1958)

3rd Mate

S.S. Brasil (new construction 1958)

3rd Officer, 2nd Officer

S.S. Brasil (1958-1965)

2nd Officer, Chief Officer

Mormaclynx (1965-1966)

Chief Officer

Mormacrio / Mormacaltair / Mormacdraco (1965-1967)

Staff Captain

S.S. Argentina (1967)

Port Captain

23rd St Terminal (1967 until company sold)

Chief Officer

Mormacbay (1968)


Mormaclake (1970)

Supt. of MML cargo vessels

Integrating into USL operations (1983)

Of Interest:  American Draco, f/k/a Mormacdraco (September 1984-January 1985);

Integral in assisting forming American Overseas Marine Corp. with ex-MML employees to operate General Dynamics purpose-built military pre-position ships in 1985, Master, MV Jack Lummus, TAKX (1986-2001);

S.S. Wright, TAVB 3, f/k/a Mormacsun (MML 1969 Sea Bridge Class) (also f/k/a Young America, Farrell Lines), Master (August 1990-May 1991), "Desert Storm");

S.S. Cape Juby, TAK 5077, f/k/a  Mormacsea, Master (October 2002, "Iraqi Freedom")

John F. Whiteley

Deck Cadet

Mormacpride (Summer 1969)

Of interest:  He is now a Captain and Director, Inland Waterways Academy, Marshall Community and Technical College, Huntington, WV.

* Angela V. Willis

   (step-granddaughter, Michelle Moses)


S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brazil / S.S. Uruguay / S.S. Argentina / S.S. Brasil (1950-1969)

Jim Wood

3rd Mate

Mormacaltair (06/02/66-03/05/67)

2nd  Mate

Mormacaltair (03/06/67-04/07/67)

3rd Mate

Mormacaltair (04/08/67-07/06/67)

3rd Mate

Robin Hood (07/07/67-07/14/67)

2nd Mate

Mormaccove (09/11/67-12/13/68)

2nd Mate

Mormacsea (04/28/69-11/21/69)

Chief Mate

Mormacaltair (12/18/69-03/24/70)

Chief Mate

Mormacmail (03/26/70-07/03/70)


* Erdem Yurtseven

   (nephew Hurol Hekimbasi)

Apprentice Radio Operator


Radio Electronics Officer


Mormacmail (1967)


Mormactide (1982)





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