Mooremack's Haunting Grounds


On Saturday, July 31, 2004, Bill and Ginger visited the Everglades House (built in 1965) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in order to obtain one of the pennants that are shown flying here.  See The Company > The Mooremack News > 1966 Winter Mooremack News to read about why the condominium started flying the pennants. 

The pennants began with Moore-McCormack Lines and the tradition stands today for many of the ocean liners, not just from the Everglades House but also from a couple of other condominiums that share the entrance to Port Everglades.

A sign at the entrance of the Everglades House.

The front of the Everglades House.

The beautiful reception area.  At the top of the stairs you can go out to the pool area.

The pool area.

Looking up from the pool area.  You can certainly see by the number of hurricane shutters there are a lot of  snowbirds who live here.

Looking at Everglades House from the entrance to Port Everglades.  You can see how well the pennants can be seen.

The Everglades House as seen from the private beach.

Entrance to Port Everglades.  We watched this particular Celebrity cruise ship and others depart the Port that evening.

Entrance to Port Everglades.

This photo is here so you can get an idea of where the Everglades House is at the entrance to Port Everglades.  Shown here is the Queen Mary 2 pulling into Port Everglades.  (Photo appeared in the "Orlando Sentinel," Sunday, March 21, 2004.)

Taken from Dania Beach, just south of Ft. Lauderdale.  Everglades House is the one below the arrow.  We wanted to get closer, but due to today's security there was a fence between us and the end of the beach.  We walked down to the water's edge to take the photo. What you see here are outer bands from Hurricane Alex which began to appear in mid-afternoon. 


New York City

Port Everglades


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