Cruising in the Moore-McCormack Manner


Passenger ships have changed in recent years from being primarily a means of transportation.  Although they continue to be important for getting from one place to another, ships today offer something more: – an opportunity to escape for a while from the tensions and cares of modern living ... a means of reaching one‘s destination relaxed and refreshed in spirit.

Moore-McCormack Lines pioneered a new concept in sea travel by constructing the Argentina and the Brasil as cruise ships for connoisseurs of travel.  These air-conditioned vessels can sail at a lively 23 knots or better, but the emphasis during all voyages is on comfort, cuisine, excellent service, cheerful entertainment and complete rest while enjoying the benefits of the ocean air.

Mooremack has good reason to be proud of its passenger vessels.  Since the 2,809-ton Saga established a new travel route in 1917 between New York and South America, the Company‘s ships have compiled enviable records for comfort and service ... satisfying the varied tastes of commercial and cruise passengers.

Many seasoned travelers still recall with delight and nostalgia the Scanmail, Scanpenn, Scanyork and Scanstates, first United States passenger ships in regular service to Scandinavia.  The liners Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, affectionately known as the Good Neighbor Fleet, did much to increase Mooremack‘s reputation for the finest standards in ocean travel.  They were honorably retired in 1958.

The new Argentina and Brasil are the fruits of two generations of passenger experience.  Handsomely decorated with words of art, each ship has two swimming pools, a movie theater and many other features.  All staterooms are outside, each with private bathroom.

Cruise programs for these lovely liners are designed to please any traveler.  Their voyages range from 6 to 63 days.  The cruises include the famed "Sea-Safari" to Africa and the Mediterranean via the Caribbean and South America ... the regular month-long cruises to Buenos Aires featured by the annual "Carnival" cruises to Rio de Janeiro ... the popular spring and summer visits to Scandinavian and European ports ... and also the shorter and more economical trips to the Caribbean islands.

Reprinted from "A profile of maritime progress, 1913-1963"

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(Booklet courtesy of Karin Cleary)



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