Albert V. Moore and Emmet J. McCormack


The following is from "A profile of maritime progress 1913-1963"

Published by Moore-McCormack Lines Incorporated

"Armed with initial capital of only $5,000 and an almost vision faith in the future of trade with South America, the founders lost no time in putting their experience and ideas to the test.  They always worked in the same room and at desks facing one another.  What one didn't know ... the other one did!  Though the size and location of the room changed over the years, the point remained the same!  This simple and direct blending of knowledge, talent, and experience accounts-in large measure-for the extraordinary results which were achieved."

Albert V. Moore

Emmet J. McCormack


Emmet J. McCormack and J. B. de Berenguer-Cesar

A Shipping Man is Honored on May 19, 1950.  In the presence of more than 500 of his personal friends and business associates, Emmet J. McCormack, co-founder and vice-president and treasurer of Moore-McCormack Lines, received the decoration of the Order of the Southern Cross, with rank of Commander, from the Brasilian government.  The ceremony of presentation, which took place in the main lounge of the liner S.S. Brazil as she lay at her pier in the North River, New York City, was impressive both from the standpoint of the honor which it conveyed but also for the splendid manifestation of inter-American friendship and enthusiasm that marked the entire evening.


The Hon. J. B. de Berenguer-Cesar, consul general of Brasil, presented the decoration as spokesman of his government.  Hon. de Berenguer-Cesar stated in his speech " *** Now, let us look at the names of your passenger ships.  They were christened Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.  Therefore, through the ingenuity of this well intended device, these nations are visiting each other across the seas; and your ships, with their periodic trips from coast to coast are, so to speak, weaving the pattern of goodwill between the Sister Republics of America.  These, Sir, are your services rendered to the Good Neighbor Policy which is now, and has been from its beginning, a continental policy.  For this, if for nothing else, you already deserve the honor that I am here to bestow upon you. ***"


Mr. and Mrs. Emmet J. McCormack

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet J. McCormack traveling to Hawaii on the Lurline in 1951.



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Albert Moore and Emmet McCormack - A profile of maritime progress 1913-1963

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