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"The Gang's All Here"

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DVD-Ray Charles with MML Cargo Liner Scene

20th Century Fox, 1943, starring Carmen Miranda, Alice Faye, Benny Goodman.

Initial sequence shows Carmen going down the gangplank of the S.S. Brazil along with sacks of sugar and coffee and a 2-ton bushel of tropical fruit that doubles as headgear.

Universal Pictures and Bristol Bay Productions, 2005, starring Jamie Foxx.

Old footage lasting two seconds showing the port bow of a Moore-McCormack cargo liner in the Port of Seattle.

On the Road to Alang video

[Still in production]

PK Productions, 2005, starring many beautiful classic ocean liners, including the last American built luxury ocean liner built for Moore-McCormack Lines.

A very informative, but sad tape made by ship historian, Peter Knego, and fellow ocean liner enthusiast, Martin Cox.  Footage is shown of the New Orleans, f/k/a S.S. Argentina as she looked in February 2004 (two months after she was beached in Alang) and in her final days in August 2004.  The video ends with a roll-call of many passenger ships meeting their end in Alang in recent years.

A documentary is currently being made regarding Mooremack's Meredith Victory, the ship that saved over 14,000 North Korean lives during Christmas 1950.  Read more about this ship of miracles under Meredith Victory on the Cargo Liner section on this site.

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