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Ocean Liners

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Superior Publishing Company, 1963.

Photo of the S.S. Brasil and a page on Moore-McCormack Lines with photos of both S.S. Argentinas and their master, Commodore Thomas N. Simmons.

The MacMillan Company, copyright 1971 (out of print)

Enemy planes raided the harbor of Bari, Italy, on December 2, 1943.  One of the ships was an American ship and was loaded with 100 tons of mustard in 100-pound bombs.  The John Bascom, a Mooremack ship, sunk during this raid, but several of her crew survived, including Captain Otto Heitmann.  The first chapter starts out as "Captain Otto Heitmann, a slender veteran skipper for the Moore-McCormack Lines, ...." 

War Brides of World War II

Caviar & Cargo - C3 Passenger Ships

Penguin Books, copyright 1989.

Mentions the first official war brides coming over on the S.S. Argentina during a winter storm.


North American Maritime Books, copyright 1992.

A chapter entitled, "Moore-McCormack Lines--The Rio Hudson Class." 

The rise & Decline of U.S. Merchant Shipping in the Twentieth Century

Twayne Publishers, copyright 1992.

A chapter on Moore-McCormack's rise through its sale.


Carmania Press, London, England, copyright 1994.

The book takes a look at the ships and the shipping firms that served the Port of New York in the peak years of maritime activity, during the 1950s and 1960s.  Several Mooremack ships are illustrated and are up on the site.


Merchant Ships of a Bygone Era

Passenger Liners American Style

Carmania Press, London, England, copyright 1997.

The book takes a look at the liners, passenger-cargo combos, freighters and tankers in the first two decades after World War II.  Several Mooremack ships are illustrated and will be up on the site.


Carmania Press, London, England, copyright 1999.

The book takes a look at classic American liners, passenger-cargo combos, freighters and tankers.  Several Mooremack ships, including the old S.S. Argentina, S.S. Brazil, and S.S. Uruguay laid up in the St. James River, are illustrated and will be up on the site. 

Last of the Boom Ships

Ship of Miracles

Jim Whalen, copyright 2000.

Several experiences related by Captain George E. McCarthy of Moore-McCormack Lines.



Triumph Books, copyright 2000

The story of "the greatest rescue operation by a single ship in the history of mankind" made by a Moore-McCormack ship, Meredith Victory, her captain, Leonard P. LaRue, and her crew.


Ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine

The Glencannon Press Maritime Books, copyright 2001.

The second book detailing an attack by the German Luftwaffe on 50 Allied ships containing cargo on December 2, 1943, in Bari, Italy.  A Mooremack Liberty ship, the S.S. John Bascom, was one of the ships lost.  Another of the U.S. Liberty ships contained a top-secret cargo of mustard gas bombs and received a direct hit.  The attack was only 20 minutes and became known as Little Pearl Harbor, because it was the worst bombing of Allied shipping since Pearl Harbor.


E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., Copyright 1947

This book is informative and non-technical, the text consists of twenty-one short sections, each concerning a shipping line, and headed by an illustration of on of its ships.  It was written by S. Kip Farrington, Jr. and Illustrated by Jack Coggins.

The S.S. Brazil and the S.S. Mormacgulf are included in the book.

The Mathews Men


 William Geroux, copyright 2016

World War II is of an explosion at sea -- a U-boat attack, a ship in flames, and an ocean full of men swimming for their lives through oil and debris.  The Mathews Men tells the story of what it was like to be on those ships in an almost unknown epic sea battle that took place just off the coast of America.  Its heroes were the men of the U.S. Merchant Marine, celebrated at long last in William Geroux's unforgettable new book.  Captain Jesse Raymond Hodges, Jr., captain of Mooremack's S.S. Brazil, is one of the "Seven Brothers."




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