Mooremack first entered the Scandinavian trade in 1918, beginning with a voyage of the Catalonia.  The service developed rapidly.  In its second year one 31-day period saw five sailings.  By the early 1920s Moore & McCormack was the dominant American-flag steamship company serving Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The American Scantic Line was purchased from the government in 1927.  The next year the service was extended by adding Leningrad and Gdynia to the ships‘ ports of call.  Mooremack played an influential part in the transformation of Gdynia from a small fishing village into a valuable seaport not only for Poland but for all Central Europe.

Addition of Leningrad to the American Scantic Line service proved to be timely because Russia then needed various types of machinery and construction material.  Homeward, the Scantic line vessels carried a variety of cargo including furs, chemicals and caviar.

Mooremack expanded the vital Scantic route in November of 1962, when Rotterdam and Antwerp were added to the ports of call for the Company‘s newest cargo liners.  These ports give the Company access to the heavy traffic generated in and out of the Benelux countries and the Rhineland.  This addition is expected to offset to some degree post-war losses in shipments from Eastern Europe.

Mormaccove inaugural visit to Rotterdam

Complementing the Scantic service, the luxury liners Argentina and Brasil make special spring and summer cruises to Scandinavia, the Baltic, Russia and Northern Europe.  These Northlands cruises have proven popular with travelers and with the Company‘s many friends in these areas who are thus afforded an opportunity to visit the queens of the fleet.

Shippers get Much Moore with Moore-McCormack:  reliability, modern equipment, speed, expeditious handling and the benefits of local port knowledge and experience.  Mooremack‘s sales, traffic and trade development services are at your command.


American Scantic Line Route map


Reprinted from "A profile of maritime progress, 1913-1963"

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(Booklet courtesy of Karin Cleary)

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