Not all additions to the site are mentioned in "What's New."  Sometimes items and information are added in their appropriate pages without mention here.

NOTICE:  We collect artifacts of Moore-McCormack and have a small museum, so if anyone does not know what to do with their Moore-McCormack memorabilia, please contact us.  We intend to keep the collection together and to eventually donate it to a maritime museum or museums.  Please contact us at Friends@Moore-McCormack.com.  

06/28/2013:  Fixed problem with the Guestbook.
06/10/2016:  Added four List of Passenger.

02/07/2008:  Charles Ecker, Margaret Ecker, and Joe Stone visited the Museum.  Charles and Joe donated several items before and during their visit.  See our new page on the Museum at The Company > Museum.

11/03/2007:  David Roos visited the Museum and donated several items.  His father, Sven E. Roos, was Captain of many MML's ships.  

09/29/2007:  We visited with Admiral Robert C. Lee's daughter, Mollie, in Vero Beach several days ago.  It was so great visiting with her and her husband, Edward.  Edward moved down to Ipanema in Rio at the age of four months,  He lived there from 1920 through 1935.  His family had the fourth house in Ipanema and was there before Cristo de Redentor was on Corcovado!  He was there before Christ!!!  they were an absolute delight to visit with, we wish we could have visited longer.  As a result, we are uploading some of Mollie's photos, including one where she christened the Mormachawk.  Poor Mollie!  You can really see that she put her heart and soul into christening the ship, but she ended up going to the hospital afterwards because the champagne bottle cut her up.  

We do want to thank Admiral Lee's son, Robert C. Lee, Jr., for getting us in touch with his sister.  He is the one who found our site.

Sam Atkins donated to the MML Museum two lounge chairs from the 1958 ships and waterline models of several cargo liners.  They are wonderful additions to the museum.  We can't thank Sam enough.  See the photos on the site.  Anyone coming down this way to Florida this winter, be sure to drop in and visit our museum.  Fortunately, no hurricanes this year, so we're still standing.

I can't believe I'll be saying "Happy New Year!" again soon.  I know we didn't get an e-mail out to ya'll late last year, but we hope to this time especially to let everyone know we're still here.

01/28/2007:  Happy New Year!  As we continue to upload items, we are going through the site, page by page, making sure everything works and to change anything we need to.

On Saturday, 01/20/2007, we gave a presentation in Port Charlotte, Florida, in front of the Steamship Historical Society of America.  We took artifacts for everyone to look through and gave a slide presentation as we spoke about the history of Moore-McCormack and why we started the site.  Although everyone had an enjoyable time, tears were shed from various members as the video ran showing the New Orleans (S.S. Argentina) leaving for Alang.  See our page in The Company section.

11/06/2006:  We're back.  Actually we've been working on the site, but adding photos and tidbits here and there.    You wouldn't believe the documentation we have acquired.  We may have to go out and rent a place just for the museum.  But Bill is placing the information on the computer for easy access and research.  Since our last entry in July we have been to Rio and back.  It was like being home once again; like I never left.  We didn't want to come back, but you know how it is.  So, we have added a haunting section for Mooremack in Rio.  We hope you enjoy it.  Just to the menu for The Company > Mooremack's Haunting Grounds > Rio de Janeiro.

The November 2006 issue of "Sea Classics" magazine features the gold story of the Mormacsea with a twist by the author at the end.  Something some of us never knew.  So be sure you check the magazine out. 

07/16/2006:  After two years, we have received a rough-cut of R. J. McHatton's documentary of "Ship of Miracles" on the Meredith Victory.  It is still being perfected. 

December 1949 Mooremack Articles are now up for viewing.

06/22/2006:  Captain Sadler's niece has found the site (see her message on the Guest Book).  Elizabeth inherited all of the Captain's memorabilia and files and has kindly offered to assist us by gathering information for the site.  We plan to add the information as it comes our way.  

05/28/2006:  Additional items have been added to Timelines for The Company, Cargo Liners, and the S.S. Brazil.  Also, more Mooremack News articles have been uploaded.  We just added articles from the October 1948 and July 1949 issues. 

Also added is an Agenda regarding the Saudades 2006 reunion for Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro on EA's page under Ocean Liners.

03/26/2006:  Even though this page hasn't been added to in a couple of months we have been busy.  For the last three weeks we have been adding articles from "The Mooremack News" in various places.  These are issues that haven't made it to the site yet.  We're going in order by date.  We just finished the April 1949 issue.  Each of the menus have noted sections where we are placing the new articles.  Also, if an article pertains to a cargo ship, we are placing it on that ship's page.

We are also moving the issues that are already on the site from the menu on The Company to their appropriate places.  You will see those disappear one by one.  They are the ones that are listed in the upper right-hand side of the menu. 

Bill is continuing to add photos of artifacts here and there.

01/29/2006:  Received what may be the final photos of the Mormacargo.  Marc McAllister, a Marine Surveyor, followed the ship from Beaumont to Brownsville, Texas.  To see the photos, please check out Page 3 of the Mormacargo under the Cargo Liner section.

12/31/2005:  New information has been added to all the Timelines. 

12/10/2005:  We made the photos easier to see for those who care to view the Enchanted Isle / S.S. Argentina and the Universe Explorer / S.S. Brasil taking their last breaths.  You can find the photos under the Ocean Liners Menu by looking at the bottom of the right-hand column under Alang, The Killing FieldWARNING:  Not for the squeamish!!!!

12/06/2005:  Marc McAllister is a surveyor for the purchaser of the Magallanes (f/k/a Mormacargo) and has taken photos for our site before she is towed to Brownsville, Texas, to be scrapped.  Check out the pages of the Mormacargo under the Cargo Liner section.

11/27/2005:  A page in memory of Albert V. Moore has been added entitled "In Memory of Albert V. Moore" and can be found in The Company section.

11/20/2005:  New information has been added to the Timelines for The Company and Cargo Liners.

10/10/2005:  Still scanning and researching "The Mooremack News" which we recently received.  At this time we added a new page in Cargo Liners entitled, "Mooremack Assists in a Joint Effort in Neighborliness."   The articles on the page pertain to a statue of Josť Gervasio Artigas which was a gift from the City of Montevideo, Uruguay, to the small town of Montevideo, Minnesota.   Mormacmar carried this particular statue in 1949 and a duplicate statue which now stands in Washington, D.C., was carried a year before via Mormacland.

09/11/2005:  A page has been added in the Ocean Liners section for Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro's students to add their memories of Mooremack.

We recently received a large number of "The Mooremack News" starting with the year 1947 from Vincent Fiorenza who was in the Financial Department at Mooremack's headquarters in New York City.  It will take time to scan these in and sort them out for interesting stories to upload.  These magazines yield great information for us to help with your questions.  Thank goodness to those who preserve the history.

08/28/2005:  Bill has been busy working on the Cargo Liner section.  He's separating the photos so each ship will have its own section.  So that section will be a little confusing for a while.  While we're still working on Captains Newman's and Vanderploeg's packages. 

08/10/2005:  No, we haven't been on vacation.  Thanx to Captain Vanderploeg's six pound package chock full of information, Bill has been busily scanning to his heart's content.  But in the middle of scanning all that information, his scanner bit the dust.  He didn't hesitate and went right out and purchased a new one.  (Personally, I think he used that as a good excuse.)

Some of you may have noticed the Guest Book receiving numerous spam messages wherein we delete them ASAP.   The software for the Guest Book just came out with an update which lets us "approve" the message before it goes online.   We get informed by e-mail that we have a message to approve, so we're always on top of it.

Just like the Meredith Victory is now, Bill is making separate pages for each cargo liner.   This will be so much nicer and easier to visit.  Now when we receive information about a certain ship, it can be placed in its own page.  But we must remember there are several Mooremack ships that had the same name.

07/25/2005:  We added a new page on Mooremack's 1997 Reunion on the Enchanted Isle.  Check it out under Ocean Liners > Enchanted Isle (S.S. Argentina).  This is just the beginning of the documentation sent to us by Captain Harold Vanderploeg. 

07/08/2005:  Added some new information into the Cargo Liner and Company Timelines.

07/05/2005:  In the very near future we plan to get more information up, including something new we're going to try.  We met with Captain Ed Newman and his wife, Virginia, over the Fourth of July weekend.  What a nice time we all had.  Captain Newman was with Mooremack from 1947 until the end and then with U.S. Lines.  We don't know who enjoyed the visit more, Captain Newman talking about his Mooremack Days or us listening to his many ship stories.  Diana Bernard (Captain George McCarthy's daughter) and her husband met the four of us for lunch on the same day.   A nice visit for all of us.

06/19/2005:  The Company and Cargo Liner Timelines have new information in them, along with the original "Good Neighbor Fleet" Timelines.

Shortly we will visit Captain Edward Newman to meet with him and obtain more information materials for the site. 

06/04/2005:  Captain Harold Vanderploeg has found our site and is helping us with some names and history.  We are grateful to the Captain for any information he gives to us.  To find out about Capt. Vanderploeg's experience with Mooremack, check him out on the Alumni page

ALSO, Bill and I are both set up on our individual computers to talk to, or IM, anyone who wants to reach us thru Skype (free internet telephony all over the world) We'll wait to hear from you!!  You can reach us by using the name Mooremack via Skype.  But please let us know when you contact us that you found us on the Mooremack web site.

 05/07/2005:  Extensive updates were added today to The Company, Cargo Liner, and the five Ocean Liner Timelines including another paragraph for Moore-McCormack Leads the Way.  Also check out an article written about traveling on a cargo troopship under Cargo Liners.  Still much, much more to go.

 04/23/2005:  Today we drove to Ocala to see Bill Campbell's son, Bill Campbell, Jr., and daughter, Sherry.  The family was packing up their father's belongings and shipping them out to California where Bill Sr. is now living.  (Bill Sr. misses Florida, but is doing fine and now lives with Sherry.)  The Campbell family has loaned us Bill Sr.'s Revell model of the S.S. Argentina which he and his son built together.  We are keeping it safe until they feel the Argentina can be transported safely to their home.  We will upload a photo of it shortly.

New information has been added to several dates on the Cargo Liners Timeline regarding the modern Rio Hudson class passenger/cargo liners, "combiliners."  It was quite sad to learn that four beautiful combiliners which were to sail under the Moore-McCormack flag and to complement the three luxury ocean liners (one Rio Hudson class ship to leave New York every week for South America) were turned over to the British on the "Lend-Lease" program in order to help the British fight the German Nazis.   There are also photos of some of these ships under the Cargo Liner Artifacts.

04/10/2005:   We're sorry we haven't been adding too much information to this page, but we've been busy responding to the many e-mails that come our way.  We have added a few things here and there on the site, but haven't mentioned them.  Bill has also scanned a lot of documentation for the cargo liners section from Charles Ecker and Joe Stone.  It is so nice of them to send us that information and we give them both a great big Mooremack Thank You because they help so much with the site.  Bill is still adding their info to the site.

Now for a couple of new items which we want to share with you: 

The first one we want to share with you is about the "HOUSE FLAG."  It all started with Robert Tucker writing to us in late January 2005 about his grandfather being a Chief Engineer for MML, and as an aside, he mentioned he had a "company flag."  We just flipped when we read his e-mail.  Remember when we were on the look-out for a House Flag?  We wanted one so badly for the cruise we were supposed to take on the Universe Explorer (before she went to her grave), but no one had a flag.  Robert was so nice to send the flag to us in the mail so we could have an exact replica made of it.  He also sent us some photos of other items which we have already added to the site.  So after two and a half months, and after the flag company here in Orlando finally getting it right, we now have an exact replica of the MML House Flag.  We are returning the actual flag to Robert, packing it with loving care.  We cannot thank Robert enough.  The flag was his grandfathers, Charles Tucker, and was given to him by his aunt.  You will see that the flag is in great condition.  You can view the House Flag thru the The Company > House Colors.  And we would like to add more photos of House Flags, so if you have a photo of an MM flag on any of the ships, please send us the photo so we may add it to the page.  

OK, now for the second item -- the killing in Alang of the last American-built ocean luxury liner, the S.S. Argentina.  She died as the New Orleans as she was renamed for her voyage to Alang.  You may not want to visit that page.  But if you think you are able to, you can view the photos taken in 2004 by going to the menu Ocean Liners and choosing Alang, The Killing Field.  Bret Bowen brought our attention to the photos and Peter Knego gave us permission to upload them.   It's a sad sight indeed, but I don't think it'll come to any surprise to those who know how the ships are killed. 

Some of you may not have noticed this, but we would like to bring to your attention the "Search" button on the site.  You will see it at the bottom of each menu.  To see if the site contains anything you are looking for regarding a person, a ship, etc., just type it in and a list will pop up as to where it can be found on the site.

02/13/2005:  A new page has been started in The Company section regarding Books, Magazines, and Movies in which Moore-McCormack makes an appearance or is the featured star.  We know there are many other books and movies that depict Moore-McCormack, so if you know of any, please contact us.

We will continue to add to the Timelines for some time to come.  There is a hill of articles on our desk that gets tackled when we have time to add information to the respective Timelines.

01/27/2005:  Just for your Info - MV Explorer, the ship that replaced the Universe Explorer last summer, was hit by a 50 foot wave during gale force winds and high seas on January 26, 2005.  A few crewmen were hurt when the wave hit the bridge and broke some windows.  The ship is on its way to Honolulu and it is estimated to reach the Hawaiian city by Tuesday, February 1.  The news finally hit the airwaves on The Today Show on Saturday, January 29.  If you want to read more, you can keep up to date with the location and the status of the ship on the Spring 2005 Voyage Update on the Semester at Sea web site.  

01/22/2005:  We revised the menus to make navigation easier and pages to load quicker.  We are showing on the menus the buttons, "New" or "Updated," when a page has been added or revised.  These buttons will only stay on for approximately one month giving everyone time to visit the site and see what's been changed.

Roberto Trisciuzzi has "strolled" around New York once again to take more photos.  Check out page 2 of Mooremack's Haunting Grounds.

Bob Hoppe wrote a short article about his relationship with the S.S. Argentina and the S.S. Brasil.  He was part of the crew who sailed the Volendam (S.S. Brasil) over to Holland after Holland-America purchased the ships in the early 70s.  Bob was the only one of the crew who knew the ships as Moore-McCormack Lines.  It must have been very hard for him to say goodbye to her when he had to return to New York from the trip over.

Hans de Haan sent us more photos of the Veendam.   See page 1 of A Ship by any other Name.

New brochures offering voyages have been added.

11/27/2004:   Articles regarding the Moore-McCormack ships that were adopted by students in the U.S. have been added under The Company > Adopt-a-Ship Program.

11/21/2004:  Timeline for Cargo Liners has begun.  As with everything else on the site, additional items will be added. 

With courtesy of the Institute for Shipboard Education, we have inserted the actual horns of the Universe Explorer (S.S. Brasil) to the Home page.  We do not know if these are the original horns, but they did belong to the ship. 

11/13/2004:  War Records of the S.S. Argentina, S.S. Brazil, and S.S. Uruguay have been added along with new information for all the Timelines.  Bios have also been added for Commodore Thomas N. Simmons and Captain Harry N. Sadler.  They can be found under their respective ship's Memories & Photos.  And a few stories have been added to the S.S. Argentina (1958).

11/07/2004:  John-Paul DeRosa is doing a lot of research because he plans to write a book about his great-aunt, Eleanor Britton.  During his research he plans to write a weekly column for the site. 

11/07/2004:  Family photos from Robert Trisciuzzi's family have been added to Memories & Photos for the S.S. Brasil and a couple of artifacts have been added for the S.S. Argentina.  Robert is still collecting photos for Mooremack's Haunting Grounds.

11/07/2004:  Many great photos of MM ships have been added in several places to Cargo Liners and the Ocean Liners.  The photos were sent to us by Captain Tom Ellsworth.  We are still in the process of uploading some of them.  Tom wants everyone to know that if you want a copy of one of the photos, to please just send him an e-mail.   His address is noted next to the photos.

09/26/2004:   "Ingalls News" is currently being uploaded.  We called Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Ingalls Operations in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and they kindly granted us permission to upload the articles pertaining to the launching of the Modern Fleet.  See Ocean Liners > The Modern Fleet > "Ingalls News."

09/13/2004:  We are currently removing the numbered pages under The Company > "The Mooremack News" and changing them to dates of the issues. This should help as they will be in chronological order.  The articles will take time to place on the site.

We are also scanning in all documentation so we may be able to assist anyone who would like us to search for any information that they would like to have for whatever reason. 

09/10/2004:  We just received several "The Mooremack News" and "Ingalls News" magazines from Bob Bradsell and will have plenty of interesting reading for you soon.  There is also an article that appeared in Tow Line in 1959 about Captain Robert Bradsell which can be seen at Ocean Liners > The Modern Fleet > Artifacts.

Bill and I also have several issues of "The Mooremack News" which will be uploaded up in November 2004. 

08/30/2004:  (1) We acquired five additional "Mooremack News" magazines and are very busy adding stories and photos from them.  Some articles will be spread out over the site (i.e., the retirement of Captain Spaulding, Master of the S.S. Uruguay, has been added to the Artifacts section of the S.S. Uruguay), and others will be uploaded beginning on page 5 of The Company > The Mooremack News.   There's a cute story up there now regarding Albert V. Moore saving some pigeons. 

(2) Inserted in the Cargo Liners > Book Excerpts > Log of Albert V. Moore are excerpts taken from the "Personal Log of Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Moore" aboard the SS Mormacrey.  Read about the Moore's adventures from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles in November 1951.

08/27/2004:  In 1948 a "Mooremack News" article was written regarding a photographer by the name of Ruth Orkin having sailed on the S.S. Argentina in order to take photos of the passengers.   Ms. Orkin's photographs were to appear in the spring 1949 issue of "Coronet" magazine.  We purchased a whole year's worth of "Coronet" magazines to find the article.  Apparently the article was printed late; we found it in the October issue.  With many thanks to Ms. Orkin's daughter, Mary Engel, we were granted permission to upload some of the photos from the magazine.  Check out the Artifacts section for the original S.S. Argentina (built in 1928) to see Ruth Orkin's "Picture Story."

08/26/2004:  John Bellusci has contributed a photo of a One Dollar Silver Certificate signed by some of the crew of the Mormacsea on March 30, 1943, on the occasion of their crossing the Equator.  This has been added to the Cargo Liner Artifacts section.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Captain Ralph F. Tracy?

08/25/2004:  Eight menu covers have been added (Serial Nos. 9 thru 16).

 08/07/2004:  Kenneth and Robert Bradsell's collection of fabulous photos from their father, Staff Captain Robert H. Bradsell, have been added to several pages regarding the S.S. Brazil, S.S. Brasil, and both S.S. Argentinas.  Check out the pages for Memories & Photos and Artifacts for those four ships.

 08/07/2004:  The Thanksgiving Souvenir Edition of "Mormacwave Tidings," 1945, has been added to the Cargo Liners section.  Read a couple of articles regarding the history of the ship and a very interesting log that will make you turn green.

 08/03/2004:  Robert Trisciuzzi traveled on the S.S. Argentina many times with his family while his father was a Brasilian UN official.  Robert recently went on a "mission for Mooremack" and dodged New York traffic to take photos of office buildings and port terminals, and with the help of his son, took photos of exit signs from a busy expressway.  At night he took a stroll to  Montero's Bar & Grill, a holdover from another age, had a couple of Heineken's and spoke to Renee Montero who let him take photos of prints of Moore-McCormack ships that are hanging on their walls.  See The Company > Mooremack's Haunting GroundsRobert is continuing to take photos.  And check out the haunting grounds of Port Everglades (p. 2) that were also added.

07/27/2004:  Captain Joe Stone has generously provided a list of vessel manning for freighters, circa 1930s through the 1970s.

07/25/2004:  New photos have been added from both Sue Shreve (niece by marriage to Nikki Biggs, Cruise Directress), and Danny Leone, Cruise Director.  If you see anyone you know whose name is missing, please inform us so we can add their names.

07/11/2004:  Danny Leone, the well-loved Cruise Director on Moore-McCormack Lines from 1957 through 1969, is still performing.  Today, we asked him if he will perform for us on the Universe Explorer next year and he said, "Of course I will.  I love to perform.  I perform every chance I get."  (09/2004 Note:  Universe Explorer is now on her way to be scrapped.)

Danny would love to hear from you.  His e-mail address is:  DLeoneme@aol.com


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