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Historical Site.

This site is for historical purposes only so Mooremackbuffs may share their Moore-McCormack memories.  All photos and items that do not have "(Courtesy of ....)" are from our personal collection.  We do not sell artifacts that are on the site.  The artifacts owned by us will eventually be donated to a museum or museums worthy of Moore-McCormack Lines.  We have a couple of museums in mind, but we are open to suggestions if anyone wants to name appropriate museums.


For Passengers needing Cargo Liners and Shipping.

We would love to accept your money, but we do not handle cargo shipping or passengers who wish to travel on a cargo ship.  Unfortunately, Moore-McCormack dissolved in 1982.  Diana Bernard's brother, whose father was Staff Captain George McCarthy, is also in the business.  Please write to us and let us know if you need to move your cargo.  We want to thank the Suez Canal for continually offering great prices on their port fees, but I don't believe we have any use for their ports. 


Guest Book.

In order to stop receiving those awful spam messages on the Guest Book, we have upgraded the software which now allows us to "approve" the message before it is placed online to be seen by visitors.  We do not change a message, it's just so we know beforehand that it's not spam.



If you send us an e-mail, please be sure to have set up as a safe address in your e-mail software.  There have been a few times when a person asks us a question and if we do not know the answer, we'll take the time to research the answer.  What's frustrating to us is that sometimes our e-mail is returned because the person's software stated we were "spam" or we were not on their "safe" list.

ALSO, please put Moore-McCormack in your subject line because it may enter our spam mail if you don't.  We make it a practice not to open e-mails with strange subject lines.  We have received several from Mooremack visitors that we have not opened due to this reason.  If you use a link from our site to e-mail us, we already have the subject typed in for you. 

We send out mailings every so often to inform Mooremackbuffs if there are a great number of new items on the site and/or if there is an event coming up.  If you wish to be on our mailing list, please e-mail us. 


Instructions for Surfing the Moore-McCormack Web Site.

There are many photos and several videos currently on the site, therefore, it's best that you have high speed access to view this site

Photos and artifacts are associated with their appropriate ship sections but are not necessarily in date order.

For Internet Novices -- Most photos will enlarge.  When you place your cursor over the items, you will see a "hand."  You may then left-click your mouse to see an enlargement of the items.  Some photos and all articles will enlarge twice.  Once the item is enlarged the first time you may see an orange square at the bottom right.  Left-click on that and you will be able to read the articles. 

The photos are larger than most sites because we know there are a number of Mooremackbuffs and Mooremackites who would not be able to make out the photos if they were smaller.   That is also why we bold our lettering.  This is another reason to say it's best to have high speed access.

We pride ourselves on accuracy, so if you see something that might be wrong or if a page is not working properly, please let us know and we will check into it.

We are always on the look-out for Moore-McCormack stories, photos, and artifacts to add to this site.  As of November 6, 2006,  we have used 65% of our capacity, so we still have plenty of space.  Mooremackbuffs enjoy looking at photos and reading about memories that someone else has sent in.  The photos remind them of wonderful times past, so don't be shy to contribute to the site.


Invitation to Visit Us and Our Artifacts and Documents.

We have many, many artifacts, memorabilia, and types of documentation regarding Moore-McCormack.  If you ever find yourself traveling to Orlando and would like to personally spend an afternoon reviewing the items and discussing Mooremack, please contact us.  We will be very interested to meet and entertain any Mooremackite and/or Mooremackbuff.

We also give presentations.  Please contact us if you would like us to speak in front of a group regarding Moore-McCormack.


Ginger Quering Casey and Bill Vinson

November 6, 2006


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