Can You Help?

Can You Help?

Often visitors to the site have asked us if we know of anyone, have photos and history of certain ships, etc.  We do our best to find the answer, but unfortunately we're not always successful.  For those we cannot help, maybe one of you out there can.  This section is set up in hopes that someone out there will be able to give that special person the answer they are looking for.


George E. M. Baker and his family (F.S.M.Baker, Mary. Baker, Mabel M. Baker, Dorothy J. Baker, Frances L. Baker, Leonard C. Baker, Stanley H. Baker, Patricia E. Baker) is looking for some records of the voyage of the SS Mormacsea undertaken in April 1945. He was a nine-year-old, recently liberated from Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila, and was on the start of trip which would terminate in the UK in June 1945.

If you have any information regarding this voyage,  please contact


Carlos Fernando Discher Sa is searching for information about his great uncle who worked for Moore-McCormack.  He was an employee based in Santos, Sao Paulo, Brasil.  His family name was Discher, first name possible Germano.  Does anyone remember or know something of this gentleman?

If so, please contact


Don B. Kingsbury was a signalman on the S.S. Mormachawk in January 1943.  The Mormackhawk took a load of USN Seabees from Port Hueneme to New Hebrides (Vanatu now).  The Mormachawk then made two trips to Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, including as far out as Attu.  Does anyone remember these trips?

If so, please contact Don Kingsbury at

We are in possession of many letters between Mary Nicoletti and Arthur Berne.  Mary was on the New York staff of Moore-McCormack who worked in either the Editorial Department, Public Relations, and Accounting Department during the 1950s.  Arthur Berne was Purser on the Mormacowl while Robert Bradsell was Captain. 

If you are related to or were friends of Mary Nicoletti and/or Arthur Berne, please contact

Charles Tucker

Robert Tucker is looking for information on his grandfather, Charles TuckerC. Tucker was a Chief Engineer for Mooremack, but Robert isn't sure on what ships.  One of them might have been the S.S. Uruguay

If you knew Charles Tucker or have any information on Charles Tucker, please contact  Robert at

Douglas Boyd is a British seafarer who has a hobby of creating watercolor paintings of ships during the 1960s.  He would like to paint a picture of Mormacgulf.  Does anyone out there have a color photograph which they can send to him so he may paint a picture?  He also has many questions for merchant mariners who sailed on the Mormacgulf.

If you have a photo and are able to explain the ship to Douglas Boyd, please contact him at

Manoel de Carvalho worked for Moore-McCormack in the Santos, Brasil office from 1946 through 1983.  He would like to get in touch with anyone who worked in the Santos office during that time.

If you worked in the Santos office, please contact Manoel de Cavalho at

We are looking for Captain Ralph F. Tracy or a member of his family.  Captain Tracy was on the Mormacsea during March 30, 1943. 

If you are Captain Tracy or anyone from his family or were a member of the crew of the Mormacsea during March 30, 1943, please contact

Lola Lund is looking for information on a family member.  Arnold Wordh was in the Merchant Marines and lived in California.  Arnold worked aboard the S.S. Argentina as an engineer in April 1950.  She believes he is alive and would be 82 years old now.

If you are Arnold or have any information on him, please contact Lola Lund at

Robert A. DeVoto

Robert A. DeVoto, Chief Steward

Robert C. DeVoto is  doing research on his uncle Robert A. DeVoto.  His uncle worked for the Moore McCormack lines for over 50 years -- retiring in the early 1980’s   He served as a Chief Steward, primarily on Moore McCormack’s cargo liners.

If you have any information concerning Robert A. DeVoto, please contact:

Robert C. DeVoto


Peter Bergs is a writer seeking historical file information, and possibly photographs, of Moore-McCormack ships hauling railroad locomotives to the Far East ports of the USSR from Longview, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, during 1944-1946. 

He is trying to track certain locomotive cargoes to see when and to which Soviet port(s) they went.  This information could be valuable for a book he is writing and he is able to supply the names of the vessels which he thinks were involved.  There was an article in a shipping industry magazine from 1945 or 1946 of a "locomotive carrier" which was a series, apparently, of Soviet ships that Moore-McCormack rebuilt for carrying large numbers of locomotives to the USSR.  The files for this article cannot be found anywhere.

If you have any information that may be of some help to Peter Bergs even if it is to lead him in the right direction, please contact:

Peter Bergs

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