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Correspondence, Photos, Diaries, and Memorabilia

C. Virginia ("Jinny") Quering and Walter W. Quering

Mom, even though you and Dad are no longer with us anymore, your correspondence, photos, memorabilia, and your 5-year diaries have provided us with the best cruising information and the most laughs.  Thank you for saving everything for without it this site would not exist.  I know you and Dad are doing the Samba with the Angels.

Enchanted Isle

Captain Pavlos Papantelaras

Thank you for allowing Bill and I to board the Enchanted Isle and to take time to talk with us about the ship. 

Enchanted Isle

Chief Steward Errol Fletcher

Your guided tour of the passenger decks of the Enchanted Isle was extra special. 

Violet Dock Port, Inc.

Tefferny Perez

Your helping us to see the Enchanted Isle is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for taking your time out to answer my many questions.  Without your help, this site would not  have had photos of the Enchanted Isle as she is today.  The photos of her in Violet show that she is still there underneath all that wear and tear.

The Orlando Sentinel

Arline J. Bleecker

Arline, thank you for answering my e-mail so promptly as to where the Enchanted Isle was hiding.  Reading your article in July 2003 about old steamships sent us on a voyage of many discoveries.  We now know more than we ever thought we would about the beloved S.S. Argentina.  We hope you get to travel on your favorite ship, S.S. United States, soon.  

Alumni web site for Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro ("EA")

Bruce Stirling

Muito obrigada for the encouragement you gave us to make the trip to Violet and for your help on getting us on the right track to begin building the web site in August 2003. 

Karin Cleary and her father, Robert Melsopp, Purser

We're absolutely delighted that you went searching for Moore-McCormack Lines and came across this web site.  The contributions both of you are adding to this site are icing on the cake. 


Ingalls Shipbuilding

Birth place for the Modern Fleet, S.S. Argentina and the S.S. Brasil.  

U.S. Navy Armed Guard

Tom Bowerman

Worth the visit about the S.S. Brazil constructed in 1928.

See 56th Signal Battalion Association.  This site has many photos and stories of the S.S. Brazil, so be sure to look around. 

Mais Midis de

Jorge Mercanti

Brasilian music that are on various pages

Brasilian Music

Jack's Joint

Jack Eckert

Hundreds of old Coast Guard and Lighthouse stories and, of course, something about the Enchanted Isle.

(Jack Eckert passed away on March 24, 2005, succumbing to cancer, at the age of 73.  One of Jack's last wishes was that his son, Daniel Eckert, keep the site alive as a historical reference of people that are the backbone of the U.S. Military.)

Fakta om Fartyg

Micke Asklander

Swedish site dedicated to various shipping companies and ships.

Index to Site

Maritime Matters

Ocean liner history and cruise ship news.  A great site to find out what's happening on the oceans.

Bob Gaut

We can't thank Bob enough for sitting down and creating the lovely poem about the Enchanted Isle.  Countless numbers of people miss her.

Ships & Ships

Aleksi Lindstrom

Pictures of ships from all over the world. 


HowdyDave Maritime

David Naess

A wealth of information about ships and maritime matters.

Maritime USA

Gerald Hoffman

Resource for boaters, professional mariners, and those interested in the oceans.


Cabin Class

Ered Matthew

A journey into the wonderful world of transportation memorabilia. He is constructing a model of the Universe Explorer (S.S. Brasil).

Cruising the 21st Century

Onno Heesbeen

This site is dedicated to the classic, contemporary, and futuristic liners/cruise ships that sail the worlds oceans.

Unofficial HAL


The site is dedicated to the love of ocean liners and the 130 year history of the Holland America Line.

Cruise Ship Pictures

Eric Desbiens

This web site is dedicated for all sea, navigation, or maritime photography lovers.

World Ship Society New York Branch

Ship enthusiasts who made regular visits to the New York West Side passenger piers.

Bret and Sherrie Bowen

Thank you for joining us in Violet, Louisiana, on October 25, 2003, to take photos and video of the New Orleans, f/k/a Enchanted Isle, ... f/k/a S.S. Argentina as she left on her final journey.  We will always know where we were that day. 

Captain Costica Dimitrescu and his Crew of the New Orleans

Thank you for giving us a wonderful tour of the bridge and "the decks below" before the New Orleans sailed on her final journey.  Although your journey to Alang, India, was not a happy one, we are glad you made a safe journey.   And special thanks to Chief Engineer Jaydeep Sanyal for letting us know how the ship was so proud when she glided through the water to meet her end.

Robert Castano

Among the photos Robert is contributing to the web site, he is helping with the cargo liners.  If you have any questions about the cargo liners, you might want to ask Robert.  His father, Peter Castano, was the Superintendent of Engineering for Moore-McCormack Lines for many years.  Peter Castano originally came from just outside of Oviedo, Spain in the 1930's.  In the late 1870s, the town in which we live (Oviedo, Florida) was named after that lovely town in Spain.  Small world.

John-Paul DeRosa

John-Paul contributed many photos and articles from "The Mooremack News" which his great-aunt, Eleanor M. Britton, Cruise and Head Staff Director, had saved from her career (1938-1969) with Mooremack.  This collection and her own private collection of photographs provide a closer look into the lives of these ships, employees of Mooremack, and the passengers who sailed on the Mooremack ships.  His enthusiasm about MML has helped this web site tremendously.  Thank you very much, JP.   In November and December 2004, JP helped in research for the site by sending us copies of many items he found while he was doing research for his book on Eleanor Britton.   We will be adding bits and pieces from this research for many months to come.

John-Paul DeRosa

Roberto Trisciuzzi

Robert, whose mother and father met on the original S.S. Argentina, enjoyed strolling around his city of New York dodging all sorts of traffic and weather taking snapshots of various places Mooremack touched. 

Tom Ellsworth

Captain Tom Ellsworth donated many wonderful photos of cargo liners for that particular section.  They are a wonderful addition, especially for the merchant mariners who contact us for photos of many of Mooremack's ships.  If anyone would like copies of the photos, please contact T. Ellsworth at


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