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S.S. Brazil - September 8, 1956

Dinner at the Captain's Table

Captain Jesse R. Hodges, Cmdr., U.S.N.R.

Stephen Gibson of Alexandria, Virginia, sent us the two wedding reception menus above.  When the menus are open, you can see what luscious dinner was had at his father's and step-mother's reception on June 1, 1961.

Our Moore-McCormack web site contributions.  In April 2005, Robert Johnson, a member of the S.S. Lane Victory Museum, San Pedro, California, kindly hand-delivered five menus (one from each ocean liner) to the curators in order to display on the S.S. Lane Victory.  The photo on the  left shows Robert Johnson with Claire and Bill Julian holding a couple of the menus.  The photo on the right is the temporary display of the menus.  They will be permanently displayed elsewhere in the Museum.


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