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Below are samples of the two backs of menus from the Good Neighbor Fleet.


The following six Menu Covers were selected for hanging at the 25th Exhibition of Printing in 1966.  The covers were designed by artist Dom Lupo and represent the areas on Mooremack's cruise routes:  Scandinavia, South America, Caribbean, and Africa.

An impression of French-speaking Martinique, noted for its charming, balconied buildings, romantic history and beautiful women.  The palm-fringed beach is an island trademark.

Serial No. 33 - Litho in U.S.A.

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Rio's famed Copacabana, with its backdrop of modern buildings.  Dramatic cathedral and bronze statue in ultra-modern Brasilia.

Serial No. 34

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Beach Scene in Alexandria, Pearl of the Mediterranean, founded in 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great.  It is both a modern metropolis and a vacation resort.  The cliff temple, one of many along the Nile, is near Thebes, ancient city of monumental masterpieces.  Venerable white-sailed feluccas still drift by the spot where the baby Moses lay in the bullrushes.

Serial No. 35

Cape Town, South Africa's capital and oldest city.  It follows the curve of a natural harbor against the dramatic background of Table Mountain, capped by a mantle of fleecy clouds.  The native dancer is of the Watusi tribe, a Congo tribe in Central Africa.

Serial No. 36

Cannes, renowned as the playground of movie stars, shipping magnates, royalty and bikini clad beauties is the port of call nearest Monaco.  The artist sketched its famed cliffs and glamorous Monte Carlo Casino.  You can visit this charming resort via Moore-McCormack's Sea-Safari cruises.

Serial No. 37

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including Menus having Serial Nos. 35 and 36


Oslo, the 900 year old capital of Norway, be sure to visit Norsk Folkmuseum Park.  You'll see the actual Viking ships that were the inspiration for our cover.  Moore-McCormack cruises regularly to the Scandinavian countries, where fjord and mountain meet in scenery of breathtaking beauty.

Serial No. 38

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