Covers by Ada Peacock


Items on this page were donated by the family of Mrs. Yvonne Snell in her memory, and by her brother Gerald Creagh Brown who was Gerry Peacock's Godson.  The father of Gerald Brown attended Heatherley's Art School in London with Ada and her husband Gerry Peacock.  They left London for Buenos Aires so that Gerry could manage an advertising agency there.  They only intended to remain for a couple of years, but the political situation meant that they would be unable to bring their money out, so they remained there for the rest of their lives.

In addition to designing the menu covers for Moore-McCormack Lines, Ada was the costume designer for Charles B. Cochran who produced big musicals.

Ada Peacock

Gerry Peacock

Ada Peacock studying one of her paintings.

Gerry Peacock, husband to Ada and Godfather to Gerald Brown.


Argentina - Gaucho with Boleadoras,

Argentina - Dancing the Gato

Bahia, Brasil - Food Vendor

Uruguay - Gaucho of 1860

Paraguay - Rolling a Cigar

Peru - Native Dance

Chile - Huaso Dancing the Cueca

Bolivia - Chola Making Thread Peacock


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