S.S. Uruguay

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S.S. Uruguay passing under bridge in New York Harbor

S.S. Uruguay

Photos courtesy of Capt. Tom Ellsworth Copyright © 2003-2004 - All rights reserved. Do not reproduce. If anyone wants copies, please email Tom at tbells@cox.net.


Sophia Porson aboard the S.S. Uruguay

S.S. Uruguay

Photo taken on the New Year's Eve 1939 voyage to South America.  Sophia Keeler (student at Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro) is on the far right.  James Belch is on her right, whose father is Captain Roger Belch (USN) Naval Attaché at the American Embassy in Rio.  James' brother, Keith, is in the back with his head down.  (Courtesy of Sophia Keeler Porson)

(Courtesy of Harold Vanderploeg.)

Christmas Package

Jack Mangan

Christmas Package waiting to be opened on Christmas.

TV Ship News Reporter - 1950

Jack Mangan, who runs an ABC television show, Ship News Reporter, was aboard the S.S. Uruguay in October with his sound camera to shoot pictures and interview celebrities sailing on the trip.  He cornered Dr. Hernandes Tavares de Sa, noted Brasilian writer, on deck with his family and had a interesting chat that was shown on the TV show later that evening.  Another interviewee was famed novelist Taylor Caldwell.


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