War Record

The S.S. Brazil sailed on her first voyage as a troopship March 19, 1942, for India via the Cape of Good Hope. The ship made subsequent trips to the British Isles, and on November 1, 1942, sailed from Gourock, Scotland, to take part in the invasion of North Africa.  The Brazil entered the port of Oran in file with her Moore-McCormack sister ships, the Argentina and the Uruguay.  The ship returned to the United States November 30, 1942, and made three additional trips to North Africa.  She was then assigned to service in the Pacific, her voyages including such glamorous ports as Hobart, Honolulu, and Borabora, as well as large cities like Sydney and Bombay.

Returning to San Francisco in July 1943, the Brazil next served in the trans-Atlantic run, carrying troops to the British Isles and France.  Following a voyage to Marseilles in July 1945, the ship sailed for Manila via the Panama Canal, and then made two voyages across the Pacific, bringing back troops to the United States.  Early in 1946 the ship returned to the trans-Atlantic run, where she served until August, arriving in New York on her last war-service voyage August 4, 1946, after which she entered the yard of Atlantic Basin Iron Works for reconversion.

Legion are the heroic victories, the dramatic deeds accomplished by the United States Navy and its auxiliary merchant fleet in World War II.  Surely on this Roll of Honor of ships and men, we shall find the Brazil and her sister ships, for the thousands of miles traversed in far-flung voyages over the Seven Seas in the wartime service of their country.


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Franklin Spry


Franklin Spry a member of 1454th Engineering Maintenance Company holds a paper announcing Japan Quits.  He was onboard the S.S. Brazil at the time.



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