S.S. Brazil

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Admiral Robert C. Lee and Family

Admiral Robert C. Lee and family on a 1938 cruise.  Robert C. Lee, Jr. "Bobby" is in front.  In the second row is Katherine "Kay" Lee, June Barkley (a cousin), and Mollie Lee.  On the stairs is Elsie Calder Lee, Admiral Robert C. Lee and Elsie Lee.  (Courtesy of Mollie Lee Llerena.)

S.S. Brazil arriving San Francisco Sept. 26, 1945

Arriving in San Francisco September 26, 1945 with 4,682 troops.  (Courtesy of Lyle Lozinski.)

Captain Arthur Pierce greets Ann and Bob Ackley, who were on their way to Rio where Bob was assigned to the Naval Mission in Rio.  (Courtesy of Mark Ackley,)


We received a message from Irene Wittig concerning her trip on the S,S. Brazil in May of 1951.  She was not quite seven years old at the time and had many memories of her trip.  She won a costume contest and received as a prize an elephant mug.  She also remembers the crossing of the Equator party and being very nervous at having to kneel before King Neptune.  She was kind enough to provide us photos, the elephant mug and her kneeling before King Neptune, she is the second from the left.

Elephant Mug from SS Brazil

Kneeling before IKing Neptune 



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