S.S. Brasil

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On left is John Hakmann and on the far right is Eddie Flynn (boss on Pier 32, New York City, not a Mooremack employee).  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)

John Hakmann, Harry Lindquist, and Henry Spiekermann, Chief Steward.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)

Nikki Biggs and Captain Cosmo O'Neal.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)

Nikki Biggs is in the middle and on the right is Captain Charles Reid who may have been the relief Captain for this particular voyage.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)

Nikki Biggs.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)

From left to right:  Marye De Salvo (Eleanor Britton's, Cruise Directress, secretary), Robert A. DeVoto, John Hakmann, C. Philip Braxton (Cruise Director), Nikki Biggs (Cruise Directress), person unknown.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)

Nikki Biggs is third from right.  This must have been a Rockettes Show.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)


Girls just want to have fun!  Again!  If you recognize anyone, please let us know.  This photo was obtained much later than the one on the left, but we believe these are six of the girls from that photo.


Ned Payne (Assistant Cruise Director), Nikki Biggs, and John Hakmann.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)




A beautiful photo taken from a small plane (note wing in middle right of photo).  The S.S. Brasil was very young (pre-1963) when this was taken.  Two upper decks were added later and the observation deck on the "smokeless" funnel was removed. (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)


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