S.S. Brasil

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Nikki Biggs, Danny Leone, Eleanor Britton, and Danny's mother, Angelina Leone, on Pier #97, New York City.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Commodore Paul Scott, Angelina Leone (Danny's mother), and Danny Leone.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Party in the Reading Room given by Kenneth Banghart (CBS Commentator) in sitting in the middle in the first row.  Nikki Biggs is to his left and Danny Leone is kneeling next to Nikki's left.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

From left to right:  Ernie Cerf (Chief Purser), woman unknown, Kenneth Banghart (CBS Commentator), Nikki Biggs, and Danny Leone.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Danny Leone doing what he loves best -- entertaining the passengers.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Danny Leone and Agnes Woodrun (substitute Hostess).  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Danny Leone with a group of children

Photo of many children with Danny Leone on the Christmas Cruise in 1959.  (Photo courtesy of Danny Leone.  Color correction by Steve Harrison.)

Captain Arthur Pierce, Danny Leone, and John Hakmann.  (Courtesy of Sue Shreve.)




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