S.S. Brasil

Memories & Photos


From the Collection of Eleanor M. Britton

(Courtesy of John-Paul DeRosa)


Five-Day Cruise to Bermuda - 1964, New Jersey Residents' Party. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Antoniucci, John-Paul DeRosa (9 yrs.), and Michelle DeRosa (mother of John-Paul and niece of Eleanor Britton).

Peter Linde-Hayes and Margaret Healy, radio celebrities, on same Bermuda cruise.



Marlene and Michael Pekala, dance team, and others.

Eleanor Britton, Rear Admiral Robert C. Lee (who gave the Newcomen Address which is on this site) and Nikki Biggs.  Nikki was a professional dancer on the ship and married Chief Steward John Hakmann.




June 1968 - Northlands Cruise at Merok, Norway.  David DeRosa, brother of John-Paul and grand-nephew of Eleanor Britton.



Eleanor Britton accepting cake from friends.  (Courtesy of Cindy Richard.)

This is a photo from the Winter/Spring 1966-67 issue of "The Mooremack News."  It shows Purser Bill Kelly getting his hair cut by Mary McLaren, 19, who at the time was the only female barber on an American liner.  Her aim is to snip around the world, and she is off to a good start on a 63-day Sea-Safari to the Caribbean, South America, Africa and the Mediterranean.  (Purser Bill Kelly later served with Robert Melsopp on the new S.S. Argentina.)


Cordoroy Council of America photographed leading fashion models aboard the S.S. Brasil with delightful 1960 fashions for January newspapers and magazines.  This is work?




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