S.S. Brasil



Article written in the "Long Island Press," January 1, 1961, about Danny Leone, Cruise Director.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Article appearing in the "New York Daily Mirror," 1958.  Highlighted language about Danny Leone, Cruise Director, on the maiden voyage of the S.S. Brasil.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

"A Proclamation," dated May 2, 1961, stating Danny Leone "... fervidly crossed our Royal Equator; braved the Cape of Good Hope; trespassed into the Indian Ocean; steered dauntlessly through the Mozambique Channel, Red Sea, Canal of Suez and Mare Nostrum, through the Gates of Hercules ...."  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Danny Leone left Moore-McCormack when the cruise line stopped running in 1969, but he kept working through the years on various ships.  We know this article does not pertain to Moore-McCormack, but we thought some of you would like to know what Danny has been doing since 1969.  Helen Hayes was also aboard Cunard's Vistafjord on this particular voyage.  Ms. Hayes helped get Danny started in the entertainment business.  Today (2004) Danny is still entertaining, but on land, in various locations throughout South Florida under his name, Danny Leone.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

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