S.S. Brasil



The Launching Program of the S.S. Brasil, December 16, 1957.  Mrs. Emmet J. McCormack (wife of Emmet J. McCormack, Chairman of the Board) christened the ship.

Staff Captain Robert Bradsell sent this post card to his son, Ken, during the maiden voyage of the S.S. Brasil.   (Courtesy of Kenneth Bradsell.)

Cover of "The Mooremack News," Autumn 1958 -- The S.S. Brasil arriving in New York in September before sailing on her maiden voyage a few days later.   (Courtesy of Robert and Kenneth Bradsell.)

Pen and Ink Impression of Brasil by Frank Braynard

D. Neptunus Rex Proclamation presented to Christopher Williams who was on the maiden voyage of the SS Brasil. (Donated courtesy of Chris Williams, a maiden voyage passenger.)

Pen and Ink Impression by Frank O. Braynard. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg.)


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