Memories & Photos


Bill Campbell and a couple of passengers posing in front of the world map on the Upper Deck.  (Courtesy of Bill Campbell.)

Bill Campbell, the Chief Radio Operator, working portside just below the bridge wing fixing an antenna problem.  (Courtesy of Bill Campbell.)

Bill Campbell in on top of Geirangerfjord, Norway, looking down at the lovely S.S. Argentina.  He says he took a photo of her from way up there and she looked awfully small way down there.  (Courtesy of Bill Campbell.)

September 27, 1974 -- Bill Campbell and Ann Schimoler's wedding day.  Bill Campbell was Chief Radio Operator on the S.S. Argentina(Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.)

Purserette Ann Schimoler, cousin of Bob Hoppe and becoming Bill Campbell's wife in 1974.   (Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.)

Jim Callan and Ann Schimoler.  (Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.)



While Bob Hoppe was a member of the crew taking the Volendam (S.S. Brasil) over to Bremerhaven, Germany, he snapped this photo of the Veendam (S.S. Argentina).  (Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.)

Leaving Baltimore, this photo was taken from the decks of the Volendam (S.S. Brasil) while waving good-bye to the Veendam (S.S. Argentina).  (Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.)


1972 - The Dutch crew and Bob Hoppe returned to Baltimore after delivering the Volendam so they could sail the Veendam to Bremerhaven.  Unfortunately U.S. Steel would not let Bob Hoppe take the time off to make this trip so he bade his friend a final farewell from a shore in Baltimore.  (Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.)

August 1972 - S.S. Argentina laid up in Baltimore.  Note the famous "M" on the funnel was covered up.  She was renamed Veendam by this time.  If Bill and I didn't know any better this could be the Enchanted Isle in Violet, Louisiana in 2003.   (Courtesy of Bob Hoppe.) 

May 13, 1964 -- Danny Leone and Millard Tawes, Governor of Maryland.  Mr. Tawes wrote the following on the back of the photo:  "To Danny Leone--the greatest Cruise Director of all time--in appreciation of your fine and gracious hospitality on a most enjoyable cruise from the Port of Baltimore to Bermuda.  We hope to join you again soon--so au revoir, but not good-bye - Millard Tawes, Governor of Maryland."  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)


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