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The photos on this page are from the collection of Purser Robert Melsopp, courtesy of Karin Cleary.


S.S. Argentina on the Baltic Run (Voyage #40 in Merok, Norway, June 23, 1962).  This photo, in mirror image, was used for the March 1969 National Geographic Magazine advertisement which was the last ad for Moore-McCormack Lines.


Dock Watch in Aden, Arabia (Voyage #50, March 27, 1963).  Ed Polaski is on the left with the radio transmitter,  Robert Melsopp is on the right.  Radio transmitters were sometimes used to "fake-out" the passengers so the passengers would think that the crew was in constant contact with the ship ... just in case anything were to occur.  The transmitters were actually used for "official" business only.


Robert Melsopp, Paddy Brangan and Bill Kelly

Robert Melsopp, Paddy Brangan and Bill Kelly

S.S. Argentina - Early 1960s - From left to right, Robert Melsopp, Paddy Brangan, and Bill Kelly.

Karin and Tom Cleary's Wedding Reception, Matamoras, Pennsylvania, 1995 - From left to right, Robert Melsopp, Paddy Brangan, and Bill Kelly.  Some people never change, do they?  Even their expressions!!! 


January 29, 1964.  While on board, crew members might want some spending money.  In order to get that money, they would make their way to the Purser's Office and make a draw.  Two of the pursers would set up a desk behind the door for the purpose of giving out the draw.  Since the pursers were in charge of distributing the money, most crew members treated them very well. 

Barbados, June 17, 1965.  Bill Kelly, Robert Melsopp, and Ed Polaski all dressed up and ready to "paint the island red."  Among them, Ed Polaski was a good one to know because he spoke fluent English, Polish, Spanish, and Portuguese.


"No Pictures.  No Comments."  Robert Melsopp as he comes out of his office trying to avoid the papparazzo, Tom Tully. 


March 1967.  Robert Melsopp, Sidney Gunthorp, and Mario "Dino" Favale relaxing in one of their cabins.  When Mario first saw all the photos that his friend, R. Melsopp, has up on this web site, he was wondering where his photo is.  Here you are, Dino. We put this up for you and we're glad we did. 

March 1967.  Sidney Gunthorp and Mario "Dino" Favale.   Gosh, Dino -- twice.

Cape Town, South Africa, March 21, 1971 - Robert Melsopp worked on the cargo liner, Mormacvega, after the S.S. Argentina was laid up.


Wedding photo of Robert and Elaine Melsopp, married June 4, 1960.


Wedding photo of Tom and Karin (Melsopp) Cleary, married June 10, 1995.  Karin is wearing the exact same crown/headpiece that her Mother did when she was married.  It was her "something old" as well as her "something borrowed."  Karin was very young, and doesn't remember visiting the ship.  But she is a huge fan and is trying desperately to save the S.S. Argentina from the breakers.


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