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The photos on this page are from the collection of Purser Robert Melsopp (courtesy of Karin Cleary).


A 1968 photo of the entire purser crew in front of the Purser's Office.  From left to right, Ann Schimoler, Patrick Brangan, Robert Melsopp (age 36), Edward Polaski, Walter Donahue, Thomas Murphy (Chief Purser), Edgar Messer, William Kelly, and Violet Martin.


Robert Melsopp and Edgar Messer (Second Assistant Purser) behind the desk in the Purser's Office.  This is where mail, currency exchange, etc., was handled for the passengers.  Notice the two mirrors on either side of the desk. If you look closely, you'll see the reflection of the two elevators.  The stairs are directly in front of the desk.

This is the same desk taken on July 25, 2003, on the Enchanted Isle.  Note the ceiling is the same as it was on the S.S. Argentina, but the beautiful tile below the desk on the wall was removed.  What were they thinking?  You can see the elevator doors in the mirrors.  

Eddie Polaski, Paddy Brangan, Walter Donahue, and Edgar Messer looking like they can't eat another bite.  Notice the china.  It's the "Rio" pattern that was designed for Moore-McCormack Lines.


Left:  S.S. Argentina pulling into Port Everglades, Florida.  The tall man with his back towards us is Michael Melsopp, Robert's brother.

Right:  If you look closely, Robert Melsopp is waving to his brother as the ship is docking.  He's the one under the red flag.


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