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Kenneth J. Fountain who worked for Ingalls has a story that involved him taking the helm of the S.S. Argentina into New York Harbor for delivery to Moore-McCormack.  He was selected to be on the helm and he took over before they reached the lightship.  Fountain saw the pilot boat coming alongside to deliver the pilot but never gave it another thought.  His thoughts were in steering a course given to him by the Ingalls Captain. 

The bridge was full of VIPs and dignitaries and they were getting in the way and obstructing Fountain's view.  All of a sudden one of the VIPs told him to change course.  Naturally, he ignored him.  A few seconds later the same VIP told him to change course again.  Fountain ignored him again.  The Ingalls Captain then suddenly turned to Quartermaster Fountain and said "Quartermaster, pay attention to the Pilot."  Fountain said, "Captain, no one told me he was the Pilot."  The Captain quickly apologized to Fountain and from then on he followed the Pilot's orders.

This is one of the first photos taken of the S.S. Argentina in December 1958

in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  She was on a combined sea trial and delivery voyage to New York. 

(This photo was found on a site by Greg Slaton and

permission to use same is courtesy of Jackson County Archives Department, Mississippi.)


Photo of the Bell Staff from the maiden voyage of the S.S. Argentina in December 1958.

(1) Joe Ali, (2) Jack Otte, (3) __ Medina, (4) George Bligh (Second Steward), (5) __ Rios, (6) Unknown, (7) __ Jones (Usher, Movie Theater), (8) Jacques Bull, (9) John Griffin (Bell Captain), (10) Robert Hancock, (11) Louis Silverman, (12) Chester Wyland, (13) __ Rodriguez, (4) Martin Kraal (Assistant Second Steward).

(Photo courtesy of Jack Otte, youngest crew member during the maiden voyage.)




February 9, 1962 -- Before casting off from New York to return home to Rio, our friends have to go ashore.

Just outside of the Observation Lounge on Boat Deck (before the addition of two upper decks in late 1963) -- Man kneeling is Joe Schurig (of Philadelphia); Standing left to right - Mr. Bryant (Leola's father), Verna Deeney (of Milford, Delaware), Linda Quering, Ginger Quering (hiding), Mrs. Bryant (Leola's mother), Leola Schurig (of Philadelphia), couple of friends of the Bryants, Walter C. Quering, Walter W. Quering, and Jack Deeney (of Milford, Delaware).  Mom took photo.


Barbershop Quartet + 4 (I think).  Dad is fourth from the right.

Dad as a Policeman in the Realm of the King to assist in gathering up the Polliwogs during King Neptune's Festivities (crossing the Equator).  King Neptune boards the ship the night before.

King Neptune's Festivities.  Linda (facing to our left, nose to nose with Royal Baby) and Ginger (in the back, half in shade).  We were waiting to be doused.

Polliwogs in the Pool.

Commodore's Cocktail Party - Mom and Dad greeting Commodore Thomas Simmons (who retired the following year), Staff Captain Cosmo G. O'Neill, and William Dewey, Chief Engineer.

Linda showing others how to float.

While docked in Port Everglades, friends of my parents (Hazel and Hank Thalgott and their two boys) come on board to see us. Extreme left - Walt, Linda is third from right, then me, then Mom. 

February 21, 1962 - Mom, Dad, Linda, then me, and Walt all dressed up for Walt's 14th birthday.


Night Club Café on Promenade Deck - Dad and professional dancer, Betty Harvey, during a jitterbug contest.  Mom and Dad loved to dance.

Mom and Dad in the "Come as a Song" party came as "Under a Blanket of Blue."  The blanket came straight off their bed in the stateroom.

Promenade Deck - We were lined up in our costumes waiting our turns to enter the Lounge area so we could one by one strut our stuff on the dance floor to the audience.  It was a "Come as a Song" party.  I'm a flapper.

July 2003, Promenade Deck. Ginger aboard Enchanted Isle at same location as photo on left.





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