S.S. Argentina  Stateroom Key

S.S. Argentina Key for Stateroom 208.  This would have been the Upper Deck on the port side aft.

Same key, but showing other side of tag.  Oh, oh, someone did not return their key.

A commemorative ceramic hand colored plaque (can be hung, note holes on top of its back) or it can be used as a candy dish.  It was given to all who took the maiden voyage on the S.S. Argentina in December 1958.  Bellman Jack Otte also showed us his dish and he said that William T. Moore personally handed it to him on the first day of the voyage.

Moore-McCormack badge on overtime sheet

Bill Johnston recently purchased this officer's cap with the United States Line house flag.  Inside the sweat band of the hat he found a page from the Deck Department Overtime Record S.S. Argentina. (Courtesy of Bill Johnston.)

Chief Deck Steward badge from the collection of Bill Johnston(Courtesy of Bill Johnston.)

Model of the S.S. Argentina built by Bill Campbell and his son, Bill Campbell, Jr., now being held for safekeeping in our Mooremack collection.  (Courtesy of Bill Campbell.)

Vintage handkerchief that features the ship. The background has assorted sea life and plants.


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