Viking Certificate issued to Robert Melsopp in 1960 on board the new luxury liner S.S. Argentina, when he made the North Cape Cruise to the lands of the Vikings.  (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

On shore identification.  In South America, when Robert Melsopp had to show his identification, they were quick to let him go on about his business.  They thought he had something to do with the police, because his occupation was written up as "Comisario."  (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

Certificate of Discharge from Voyage #23 of Purser Robert Melsopp.  (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

Shown is a 9-1/2" Sterling China plate.  This china was made especially for Moore-McCormack Lines and used on S.S. Argentina, S.S. Brasil, and the cargo liners.  The "Rio" pattern consists of Po de Acar and Corcovado overlooking Baa de Guanabara with a bleeding heart vine in the foreground.  (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

S.S. Argentina Postcard.  If you look closely, you can see that a small door is open on the side of the hull and there is a small boat loading/unloading people.  (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

S.S. Argentina Postcard.  A different card is printed depending on the particular cruise the ship is making.  This one is for the "Sea Safari Cruise."  (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

Small silver tray used probably as an ashtray.

A commemorative ceramic hand-colored plaque (can be hung, note holes on top of its back) or it can be used for anything that a small dish can be used for.  It was given to all who took the maiden voyage on the S.S. Argentina in December 1958.  Note:  The name painted on the bow of the ship is "Argentina" (without the "S.S.").  The name on the bow of the plaque for the S.S. Brasil states "S.S. Brasil."  You can see that artifact in the S.S. Brasil Artifacts section.

Bellman Jack Otte has a dish like the one above and he told us that William T. Moore personally handed it to him on the first day of the voyage.

Iced Tea Spoons with the MM Lines logo. (Courtesy of Karin Cleary.)

Post card purchased in Geirangerfjord, Norway.  Back of post card states "A tourist vessel in the Geiranger fjord."  (Courtesy of Bill Campbell.)

Our favorite -- "Excited Trolls viewing the S.S. Argentina."  Post card purchased in Geirangerfjord, Norway.  (Courtesy of Bill Campbell.)

Commemorative ashtray for the launching of the S.S. Argentina, 1958.  The ashtray contains an 1884 Argentine coin with a marking stamped "Wright Soc Anon, Buenos Aires.  (Lots of smokers back then.)

Article written in 1966 about life aboard the S.S. Argentina, "the best on the seven seas" - Danny Leone, Cruise Director, and Nikki Biggs, Cruise Directress.  (Courtesy of Danny Leone.)

Two dance trophies from the S.S. Argentina in 1958.  Won by the parents of Robert Trisciuzzi.  (Photo taken at Robert's mother's home in Mallorca, Spain, by Liana Trisciuzzi, Robert's daughter.)


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