In August 1963, MY MOM AND BROTHER, Jinny Quering and Walter C., had to fly to the U.S. for personal business, they returned via the S.S. Argentina.  This was the last cruise before she was refurbished to add the other half of Navigation Deck and all of Sun Deck.


Baggage Claim Tag.

Baggage Claim Tag (other side).

S.S. Argentina Postcard.  A different card is printed depending on the particular cruise the ship is making.  This one is for the "El Gaucho Cruise."

Back of Postcard.  Mom sometimes sent letters and cards individually to Dad, Linda and Ginger in Rio while she and Walt had to go to Philadelphia.

Playing cards purchased by Mom.

Moore McCormack Napkins

Mooremack Cocktail Napkins

Paper Napkin (Courtesy of Captain Ed and Virginia Newman.)

Cocktail Napkin



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