A Ship by Any Other Name

Bermuda Star

Bermuda Star, 1989 - She was known as the Bermuda Star from 1984 to 1990.  (Photo courtesy of Eric Desbiens.)

Bermuda Star Postcard.

Bermuda Star

The Bermuda Star at anchor Newport Harbor. (Courtesy of Ray Neary.)

Bermuda Star

Approaching to board the Bermuda Star from the Pilot Boat. (Courtesy of Ray Neary.)

Ray Neary and his brother John Neary

Former Purser from the S.S. Argentina, Ray Neary (L), on the flying bridge of the Bermuda Star with his brother, Captain John J. Neary, Jr., the harbor pilot who was taking her through the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts on July 23, 1989.  (Courtesy of Ray Neary.)

Bermuda Star in drydock

The Bermuda Star on the drydocks.  (Courtesy of Sebastian Becu, who used to work in the casino.)

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