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WWII War Brides


We have begun a list of the war brides that came over on the S.S. Argentina.  If you were a war bride or are a descendant of a war bride who sailed across the big pond to the U.S. on the S.S. Argentina, please send us an e-mail so we may add your name and your husband's information here.




Margaret Pearson, 18 yrs.

Maiden Name:  Andrews

Date of Sailing:  January 26, 1946

Met:  June 1941 at the Headquarters of the 8th Air Force at Teddington while riding her bicycle home from work.

Married:  April 9, 1944

Husband:  Carl Pearson

Carl was a Staff Sergeant with the 8th Air Force.

Carl had seen his daughter before he was sent home from England.


Gail Pearson, 11 mos., born February 8, 1945

Daughter of Margaret and Carl Pearson

Gail is now married and living in Texas with surname of:  Hairston

Joan Stubbs, 18 yrs.

Maiden Name:  Stangroome

Date of Sailing:  January 26, 1946

Met:  Fall 1942 at Fred’s Café in the British village of Bourne End.

Married:  September 2, 1944

Husband:  Walter Moody Stubbs, Jr.

Walter was a Master Sergeant/Crew Chief on a B-17 of the "Fame's Favored Few," in the Army Air Corps, 407th Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force.

Jean Beatty

Maiden Name: Crisp

Date of Sailing:  January 26, 1946

Son: David, born April 16, 1956

Married: August 26, 1944

Husband: Jack Beatty

Jack was a Staff Sergeant stationed at Teddington in the 8th Air Force, then at High Wycombe.

Pamela Mary Lawson

Maiden Name: Gavin

Date of Sailing:  February 22, 1946

Son: Denis, 8 months old.


Husband: David E. Lawson

David was serving in the 8th Air Force.

Gwendoline Daisy Cox

Maiden Name:

Date of Sailing:  January 26, 1946

Daughter: Cheryl Barbara Cox, 1 year old.

Met: Her youngest sister was dating Williams best friend, and so he and Gwendoline were set up on a date when she was home on leave from the Women's Royal Navy (The WRNS).  They were married before her sister did.

Married: November 25, 1943

Husband: William Cox

William Cox was stationed at Little Staughton Army Air Base, near Bedford, England.

Minnie I, "Molly: Tagart, 19 yrs.

Maiden Name: Warwick

Date of Sailing:  January 26, 1946

Met at a theater on Armistice Day.

She was a shop manager in Northampton. She had to cross the US to Seattle Washington.  The train was delayed by snow storms and she finally reached Seattle Late on Saturday February 9, 1946.  Their first child was born on January 29, 1947.

Married: July 10, 1946

Husband: William V. Tagart

William Tagart was a B-17 mechanic with the 305th Bomb Squadron, US Air Corps, Stationed at Chelveston.




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