War Record

On December 27, 1941, The S.S. Argentina completed her last pre-war voyage in the Good Neighbor Fleet.  On her first voyage as a troopship she left New York January 23, 1942, for Australia and she then made another trip to Australia from San Francisco, returning to New York June 20, 1942. 

She was then assigned to the Atlantic run and departed the first of July on the first of two successive trips to England.  These were followed by two trips to Casablanca in early 1943.  In April the ship departed for Algiers, Oran, Gibraltar, the Clyde, Freetown, Durban and Casablanca; then in August she went, via Argentina, to the Mersey and Liverpool.

In October 1943 she left for the United Kingdom, Augusta (Sicily), Bari (Italy) and Algiers.  Following return to New York in December, she was operated from Boston, for three voyages to the Cyde, returning from the last to New York in April 1944.  Thereafter, the ship made six more voyages to the United Kingdom.  In December of that year she departed on a voyage to Naples, Marseilles, Oran, and Gibraltar, and returned to Boston in January 1945.  She next made four trips to Le Havre and Southampton, returning from each to New York, except the last, from which she returned to Boston.

After another voyage to Southampton (returning to Baltimore); one to Taranto and Naples; one to Marseilles, Algiers and Naples; another to Marseilles; one to Plymouth and Le Havre; and one to Le Havre only; she finally returned to New York on New Year's Day 1946.  During the first four months of 1946 she made one trip to Southampton and two to Le Havre and Southampton, the last one being as a "dependent transport" for 564 passengers.

Her last wartime trip ended August 31, 1946.  During this time she steamed approximately 335,906 miles and carried about 200,000 passengers.  Her last few voyages were made as a war bride ship.


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