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SS Argentina crossing equator in Fall of 1954

Harold Vanderploeg, Angela Corchran, Ruth Conley, Frank Bernard

Fall 1954 - Equator Crossing. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

February 1955 - Deck Cadet Vanderploeg, Nurse Angela "Corky" Corchran, Nurse Ruth Conley and  Engineering Cadet Frank Bernard. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

SS Argentina at Bridgetown ancharage winter 1954-55

Fall 1954 - At anchor. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

Winter 1954-1955 - At anchorage in Bridgetown, Barbados. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

Pearl Leaf and Walter Hodynski - The LeSonnes

Henry Fonda and cast of "Mister Roberts"

Dance team of Pearl Leaf and Walter Hodynski.  They danced as the Le Sonnes on the October and November 1941 cruise to South America.  (Contributed to Mooremack Museum by Donna Cole.)

April 1948 - Henry Fonda and cast of "Mister Roberts" act as critics at fashion show aboard the S.S. Argentina.  Henry Fonda and cast went aboard the ship to serve as jurors in a fashion show sponsored by Cosmopolitan Magazine.  The men, including Mr. Fonda, wore their seagoing costumes, just as they do on the stage.  (To read more about this photo, see Mormacpenn under the Cargo Liner section.)

S.S. Argentina Peeking at Rio de Janeiro

S.S. Argentina

June 1948 - The S.S. Argentina on a visit to Rio de Janeiro standing calmly as the traffic of the busy city rushes by.  Arno Kikoler, a Rio photographer who spent the last two months in New York studying the photographic techniques of North America, shot this picture.  Mr. Kikoler sailed May 21 aboard the S.S. Argentina to resume his work in Rio.

In dry dock.






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