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Second from left is Commodore Thomas Simmons, and then John Hakmann.

John Hakmann and Commodore Thomas Simmons.

Cruise Director Jack Neilan escorts two ladies in a "fashion show."

John Hakmann is on the far right.

Launch from the Argentina being made ready to transfer a stowaway to a Mooremack cargo liner.  (Courtesy of Bill Longo)

Launch between the two ships.  (Courtesy of Bill Longo)

King Neptune's Festivities.  (Courtesy of Bill Longo)

SS Argentina and SS Brazil at Pier 32

The S.S. Argentina and S.S. Brazil just happen to be at Moore-McCormack's Pier 32, Canal Street.  The Brazil is at the outer berth and is having a lifeboat drill, while the Argentina is partially obscured.  (This photo was taken by Ray Chanaud and appeared on the cover of the June 1948 issue of "The Mooremack News.)

1946 - In the background is the S.S. Argentina which has just left "Luxury Liner Row." (Reprinted with permission of Carmania Press from book, "New York Shipping.")

Argentina at Canal Street Pier 32

Bob Freeley and Captain Simmons

The S.S. Argentina at Moore-McCormack's Pier 32, Canal Street. A Mooremack Cargo Liner is at the other berth. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

Orchestra leader Bob Freeley (Fridkin) with Captain Thomas Simmons. (Courtesy of Alan Fridkin son of Bob Freeley)


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