S.S. Argentina

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(Some of the photos below do not have captions.  If you know any of these people, please let us know.)


Gift Shop - The woman behind the counter is Therese A. Donais.  Besides being in control of the gift shop she was also a hairdresser.  Thanks to her grand nephew, Joe Inch, for identifying her.

Commodore Thomas Simmons is in the center.

Jack Neilan, Cruise Director, is entertaining the children; and it looks like the crew too.  First officer on left is Purser Ernie Serf.

The couple on the left is Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Moore, to the right is the great Italian tenor, Tito Schipa and his wife Antoniette "Lilli" Michel. (Thanks to Pablo Berruti from Buenos Aires, Argentina, for identifying Tito Schipa.)

Purser Walter Donahue is in the middle wearing glasses.  Louis Tapogna, purser is holding the frame.  (Purser Tapogna is the uncle of Steve Harrison.)

Chief Radio Operator William Campbell can just be seen in the middle wearing glasses (he's trying to hide).  Purser Walter Donahue is framed by the port hole on the right and is wearing glasses.  Purser Jill Harrison is the woman in the back row wearing white shirt and tie. (She is the mother of Steve Harrison and the sister of Louis Tapogna.)

First officer on left in the back is Purser Ernie Serf.  Ed Newman is the officer to the right of the port hole in the center. Purser Walter Donahue is in the upper right wearing glasses.  On the front row second and third from the right is Mike Mandel and Sid Spector, members of the band.  (Thanks to Captain Ed Newman and Alan Fridkin for identifying some of the people in this photo.)

S.S. Argentina

S.S. Argentina

(Courtesy of Harold Vanderploeg)

Dressed in her military garb during WWII.  (Courtesy of Harold Vanderploeg)

S.S. Argentina

Bob Freeley Orchestra

(Courtesy of Harold Vanderploeg)

Bob Freeley orchestra.  Mike Mandell, second from left and Bob Freeley, leader of the orchestra, fourth from the left.  (Courtesy of Alan Fridkin, son of Bob Freeley, a/k/a Bob Fridkin)


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