S.S. Argentina



Floor Show Program.

S.S. Argentina Voyage 20 Track Chart

 November 16th, 1941 - Floor show program.

Voyage 20 Track Chart. The trip was from March 23, 1950 to May 1, 1950.

Eric Lambert Proclamation

November 1957 - Photograph by Richard Faber, Jr., shows the Argentina anchored off Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.  Made into a postcard.

Eric Lambert, an alumnus of Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro, becomes a Shellback on July 27, 1957.  (Courtesy of Eric Lambert)


Vintage Norah Wellings sailor doll with the insignia S.S. Argentina on the hat.  Norah Wellings made sailor dolls like this one for various of ships.

A similar doll can be seen highlighted in the photo of the gift shop aboard ship.


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