The good neighbor fleet







Schedule of Fares and Sailings for the S.S. Argentina, S.S. Brazil, and S.S. Uruguay

 August 1949.

This was part of Emily Timoney's collection.

Her sister, Virginia Statile, sent us the Schedule.

 *     *     *

Here are a few glimpses of the thrills that are yours on a Good Neighbor Fleet cruise.


ou leave New York on Friday, midnight aboard the S.S. Brazil, the S.S. Uruguay or the S.S. Argentina—the largest, most modernly equipped liners in regular service between the United States and the neighbor republics whose names they bear.  Ahead lies the equator where Neptunus Rex, father of the sea, initiates you into the mysteries of his realm.  And beyond is a wondrous land few North Americans really know.  Twelve days of rest and fun at sea bring you to one of the most beautiful ports on all the Seven Seas, the mountain-rimmed harbor of Rio.  Here you go ashore for tours or a gay evening, as you wish.  Then overnight to Santos for another day of scenic discoveries—next Montevideo—and on the eighteenth day you arrive at Buenos Aires. 


omeward Bound . . . back on your ship after four exotic days in romantic Argentina, you look forward to revisiting Santos and Rio for new sights and thrills to add to those they gave you on your southbound journey—to see the historic isle of Trinidad—to rest in comfort aboard the ship which has become your luxurious home at sea and to take still further advantage of its superb facilities for fun and carefree living.  Though you may have spent a night or two at the smartest hotels in fastidious Buenos Aires, you find your stateroom equal in comfort.  Though you have wined and dined in the most fashionable restaurants ashore, you eagerly anticipate the equally delectable cuisine you‘ve been enjoying afloat.  And how idyllic it seems to have your well-being so courteously attended to again by the staff and crew that have served you so capably since you left New York.  This is the half-way point on a round-trip cruise that covers over 12,000 miles.  And by now you are probably wishing it might never end.  For aboard the great liners of The Good Neighbor Fleet the opportunities for enjoying a life of perfect ease and rare good times are literally limitless.  Like floating modern cities, they cater to your every need and whim.  On each there‘s a doctor, nurses and hospital facilities—a Dorothy Gray beauty salon—a novelty shop to provide you with personal necessities, souvenirs of your trip, and not only keep you supplied with film, but to develop and print your stills without delay.  And for those who do not take movies of their own, or would like to add to their personal recordings, expertly photographed reels of many interesting shipboard activities will be available to passengers at a modest cost.  Even if you forget to bring your camera, you may rent one aboard. Thirty-eight of the most memorable days of your life!  This is the glorious vacation The Good Neighbor Fleet offers you—a new kind of adventure that provides new luxury, comfort and fun afloat—a round of glamorous new sights and experiences ashore.



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