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National Geographic


Karin Cleary found a May 1962 edition of the "National Geographic" and sent the Moore-McCormack ad to us for use on the site.  After some thought and knowing we had all the ads, we decided to set aside a separate page that would allow us to include more of them.  More will be added from time to time.

(Karin's father is Robert Melsopp, Purser on both S.S. Argentinas and various cargo liners from 1957 through 1969.)


May 1928 - Panama Pacific Line, Advertising the new S.S. California (later renamed the S.S. Uruguay).

July 1928 - Panama Pacific Line, See the marvelous Panama Canal.

March 1929 - Panama Pacific Line, Advertising the magnificent new S.S. Virginia (later renamed the S.S. Brazil).

April 1929 - Panama Pacific Line, A third luxurious new ship, the S.S. Pennsylvania (later renamed the S.S. Argentina) is under construction.

March 1935 - Panama Pacific Lines, Cruises to California.

May 1935 - Panama Pacific Line, Preview of a cruise "Your Cruise."

June 1935 - First ad for Moore-McCormack Lines, 8 days from $35 or 42 days from $295.

October 1936 - Panama Pacific Lines, The "Big 3" route via Havana and the Panama Canal.

October 1938 - American Republics Line, Inaugural sailing, the Brazil to South America.

December 1938 - Second ad, but this one is for three newly appointed modern express liners, the S.S. Brazil, S.S. Uruguay and S.S. Argentina.

December 1941 - Ad for sailings in January, February, and March 1942, but they did not sail.

March 1948 - First ad following WWII stating the Good Neighbor Fleet is back and they are are rebuilt, modernized and restyled.

August 1948 - The vacation you promised yourself. (Provided by Nigel Wagstaff)

April 1949 - The holiday you've waited for.

April 1951 - The relaxing cruise way to South America.

January 1953 - Every Voyage a gay, glamorous cruise to South America

January 1954 - Gaucho land

May 1955 - This is the kind of fun you have - This is one of the sights you see On a Mooremack Cruise to South America

January 1956 - here you are, relaxing in the sun... Here's what you cme for, "Carnival in Rio"

April 1956 - The Brasilians call it "Calcada de Mosaicos."

January 1958 - Last ad before arrival of the two new ships, the S.S. Argentina and the S.S. Brasil.

June 1958 - Mooremack announces the new S.S. Brasil and S.S. Argentina, although they were not launched until September and December, respectively.

April 1959 - Ships that Speak a Different Vacation Language.

August 1959 - How far is a Month?

November 1959 - Make the most of your month.

January 1960 - Ships that speak a Vacation lanuage.

May 1960 - In 1960 "The year of Brasilia"

November 1960 - Three Cruises in 1961.

January 1961 - "Sea-Safari," 62 days, 5 seas, 19 Faraway Ports.

May 1961 - Cruise the Wonderful World of Moore-McCormack.

January 1962 - Note Corcovado in the background.

March 1962 - Another pretty ad depicting the ship at nightime.

May 1962 - Sailing to Scandanavia, This is the ad that gave birth to this page on our website. Note the ship is definitely the S.S. Argentina.

August 1962 - Spring is just around the corner.

November 1962 - Commodore Simmons is symbolic of our mastery of all the fine arts of cruising.

January 1963 - The Luxury World of Moore-McCormack

February 1963 - A two-pager advertising Moore-McCormack Lines superb selection of custom-planned voyages for discriminating travelers.

April 1964 - The "Champage Touch" of Bygone Days.

June 1964 - The "Champagne Touch" of Bygone Days.

August 1966 - "Because you like the American way of Life"

August 1967 - "Pleasure Island"

March 1969 - Last ad in the National Geographic Magazine. The S.S. Argentina and the S.S. Brasil stopped sailing that year.





Mooremack official photo for advertising purposes -- Rio de Janeiro.

Mooremack official photo for advertising purposes -- Seascape from deck.