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MML Modern Fleet Commemorative Plate

Moore-McCormack Commenorative Plate Back

Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston (England) Commemorative Plate.  On the back is an engraving of flags from five countries.  From left to right - Uruguay, United Kingdom, United States, Argentina, and Brasil.  The house flag is on the bottom.   (We believe the United Kingdom flag represents its overseas territories in the Caribbean.)

Wedgwood Studios engraved the following words:  "This issue of plates was designed especially for Moore-McCormack Lines.  The border shows typical scenes from each of the five countries served by Moore-McCormack.  These scenes surround a view of the two Moore-McCormack ocean liners.  The S.S. Brasil and The S.S. Argentina, members of the Good Neighbor Fleet."

MML Modern Fleet Glass Ashtray

MML Modern FleetTravel Bag

Glass Ashtray

Travel Bag

MML ZippoPen Knife

Moore-McCormack Place Setting.jpg

Zippo Pocket Knife.  A product of Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, Pennsylvania, comes complete with a guarantee that states no one has yet been charged a cent for the repair of a Zippo knife.

Modern Fleet Place Setting with some serving platters.

First Class baggage tag.  For baggage going to the Baggage Room.

First Class baggage tag.  For baggage going to the Stateroom.


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