The Good Neighbor Fleet



Probably an ashtray -- Hand Crafted Expressly for Moore-McCormack Lines by Delano Studios.

Compact and Comb -- Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.

A collection of recipes some of which were made up by Mr. F. O. Uhlmann, Chef of the S.S. Uruguay, Mr. Paul Hunziker, Chef of the S.S. Argentina, and Mr. William Mauss, Chef of the S.S. Brazil.

Moore-McCormack Lines * 5 Broadway  *  New York 4, N.Y.

Good Neighbor Fleet Liars Dice Cups and, of course, the necessary pieces of valuable paper - Cruzeiros (which are now worthless or collectibles depending on how you look at it).

Match Book Cover.


Small sterling silver tray (made in Peru) with coats of arms from the following countries going clockwise from the red arrow:  Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, USA, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 


Good Neighbor Fleet Jig Saw Puzzle Box with Po de Acar in background.

Bill completed the puzzle with a teeny help from Ginger.

Good Neighbor Fleet Coasters

Ceramic coasters.  From top left to right:  "The Tall Buildings of Sao Paulo," "The Capital In Buenos Aires," "Artigas Statue in Montevideo," "Street Scene In Trinidad," "Rio de Janeiro, The World's Loveliest Harbor," and "Loading Coffee in Santos."

Lobster Forks.

Geoff Duffield sent us this photo of a table from one of the Good Neighbor Ships that he uses daily at his home

Luggage Tag



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