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A great number of students who sailed on Moore-McCormack Lines from the 1930s until the late 1960s attended American schools in South America.  The Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro was one of them and this page is for those students who wish to contribute their memories.  If you attended EA and were on one of Mooremack's ships, either ocean liner or cargo liner, we invite you to send us your memories on Mooremack. 


S.S. Uruguay, 1939-1940 - Photo taken on the New Year's Eve 1939 voyage to South America.  Sophia Keeler ('50) is on the far right.  James Belch is on her right, whose father is Captain Roger Belch (USN) Naval Attaché at the American Embassy in Rio.  James' brother, Keith, is in the back with his head down.  (Courtesy of Sophia Keeler Porson)

S.S. Brazil, 1952 - Cocktails in the Main Lounge before having dinner with Captain Henry Sadler.  The three people standing up on the back right are (from left to right) Miss Teen USA 1952 (who won the trip); Rita Moscatelli ('50); and Captain Sadler.  The couple on the lower left-hand corner are Rita's parents, Bill and Martha Moscatelli.  (Courtesy of Rita Moscatelli Sasek)

S.S. Brazil, 1953 - College vacation - On the right is Patricia Covington ('50).  To Patricia's right is Rita Moscatelli ('50).  (Courtesy of Rita Moscatelli Sasek)

S.S. Brazil, September 1956 - In pool area from left, girl standing up,  Linda Quering ('69); boy and girl straggling legs over pool, Walt Quering ('66) and Ginger Quering ('68).

S.S. Argentina, February 21, 1962 - From left to right - Linda Quering ('69), Ginger Quering ('68), Walter C. Quering (his birthday) ('66).  And Mom and Dad, Jinny and Walter W. Quering.

S.S. Argentina, July 1964 - Starting at this side of the table, Ginger Quering, Ronnie Mertz ('67), Linda Quering, Kenny Mertz ('65), (forget her name), Walt Quering, and (forget her name).

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