Bob Gaut  09/09/2003

We frequently go on comfort's cruises
for that's the way to relax in style.
From New Orleans we once embarked
On an old girl named Enchanted Isle.

Isle's not a ship like the new monsters
so constant now in the Caribbean Sea.
It was a ride where friendly feelings
flowed smoothly and easily.

Isle provided activities and vistas
before and after every port.
Dancing, bridge, shows, and games
for we of the sedentary sort.

Each meal was an elegant banquet.
from first sun until it was late.
We dined with our new found friends
to learn everyone was gaining weight.

I'd hang out in the ship's library;
work a puzzle, read or chat.
The Spyglass Lounge was for music,
and my favorite beverage on tap.

Now the Isle's alumni are sad hearing
Isle's been sold in bankruptcy court.
I remember that old girl calling on
each select green island port.


We thank Bob for writing this poem for our website.
I watched her depart New York as a young boy,
Standing by the shore of the Narrows,
I watched her elegantly simple lines pass by
and take lucky people to exotic destinations
in a style all too forgotten on board today's modern cruise ships.
She was a lady ... a lady with a long past of catering
to her clientele in a very classy and individualized way.
Soon she will be but a memory ... Long Live her Memory!
by Joe Sturges 12/16/2003




(Music on this page is "Yesterday Once More")

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