S.S. Argentina

Her Last Breath



Photo designed by Bill Vinson

Dedicated to all those who served this great ship




Ginger and Jaydeep Sanyal

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hi Ginger,

I came back home on 10 Dec 03 and received your mail.  Thank you very much.

It was a nice and smooth sailing from New Orleans to port Suez.  Although Atlantic was rough at this time of the year, we did not have to face any trouble.

From port Suez to Alang we sailed with slow speed.  We reached Bhavnagar (a port very close to Alang) on 4th of Dec, cleared all the formalities and anchored, waiting for the moon.  I am sure you know that beaching always takes place on a full moon or a new moon night.

It was 9th of Dec. 2003, at 00.30 Hrs.  SS NEW ORLEANS / ENCHANTED ISLE / SS ARGENTINA, she took her last command.

That night we put all her lights on, all around her decks, just like her maiden voyage....she was looking like a new bride...she looked gorgeous. On receiving orders from bridge, we put the engines on full power. She moved like a Queen... almost gliding over the high waters of Alang at 19 Kts she hit the ground.

She shook violently for a few minutes and then she stopped.  We kept the lights on for sometime and then they dimmed down and after sometime, it was all dark.

We then left in a life boat.  I remember I promised to send you some photos, but.... I'm sorry...couldn’t take one.... 'twas too dark.  It was quite an experience for me; I'll always remember my SS NEW ORLEANS.

Bye Bye for now, take care & keep in touch.


(The Last Chief Engineer of SS ARGENTINA / NEW ORLEANS)




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