July 25, 2003


Promenade Deck looking out towards Swimming Pool.  The mermaid has been painted on the Starboard side uptake.  This demonstrates the fact that the Lounge Area was enlarged and the Swimming Pool Deck was just about where the photo was taken.



The Enchanted Isle Swimming Pool on Promenade has been added and is smaller than the original.  It is more towards the stern of the ship.  The Swimming Pool on the S.S. Argentina has been covered up by adding Lounge area.  They call this the Bistro.  Note where the twin uptakes are.  The Swimming Pool was just beyond the twin uptakes under the present cover.


The Enchanted Isle Swimming Pool on Promenade.


Promenade Deck, Starboard.  Chief Steward Errol Fletcher and me.


Purser's Office on Main Deck.


Dining Room on Main Deck.  This is in the same location.  Photo taken from Bow looking towards Stern.  Galley is on the right.  This Room has been modified somewhat, but not much.  One thing that has been changed is the beautiful murals on the walls--they are no longer there.


Here I am sitting on a roll of chain link fence taking it all in by comparing an enlarged printout of the postcard of the S.S. Argentina to the Enchanted Isle.  Thank goodness there weren't any sharp edges.


This photo was found on Webshots.com.  It was taken by someone who was passing by on a Carnival cruise ship.  We put it here because it's a good shot.


The breakers in Alang, India.  This is the place where she will be scrapped.  At full speed she will be run aground.  She will then probably be secured to winches so she can be pulled further ashore with the rise and fall of the tides.  Once ashore the Enchanted Isle will remain on dry land and her metal and other goods will be sold and reused in India and other countries.  Photo courtesy of Fleet Air Arm Archive.




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