Enchanted Isle

July 25, 2003


The fake funnel.  While we (the Quering family - Dad-Walter W., Mom-Jinny, brother-Walter C., me-Ginger, and sister-Linda) traveled on the S.S. Argentina pets were boarded in here and then exercised  along Sports Deck.  But when we moved to the U.S. we kept our parrot, Louro, in our stateroom, not in the funnel.  Louro caught pneumonia due to the air conditioning, but 3 weeks after arriving in the U.S. he was cured by Mom covering his cage with a vaporizer next to it.  Notice the windows on the funnel that have been concealed for many years.


Photo taken from Sports Deck.  Decks below are Navigation Deck, then Boat Deck.  It looks like four tenders (two each on starboard and port) were added to the ship overall.  The S.S. Argentina did not have any tenders.


A closer look at one of the tenders.


The twin uptakes now have a cross beam between them.  There is a flag above the beam.  I am standing on Boat Deck.  Photo taken from Sports Deck.

We have been told by representatives of Holland-America that the cross beam between the twin uptakes was added by Holland-America in order to resemble the Rotterdam V.


Chief Steward Errol Fletcher and Ginger standing in what used to be the Observation Café on Sun Deck.


Passageway through Boat Deck looking out through the older section towards the stern.  The Deck Cafe Balcony at the stern was removed and cabins were added.  Note the peeling on the ceiling.


Passageway through Boat Deck looking through the newer section towards the stern.  The Deck Café Balcony was removed and these cabins were added.


Boat Deck.  Stateroom necessities.  How many ships actually have bidets?  I remember using these to clean the sand from the Leblon beach off my feet.  It was also fun to turn the water on full blast to see it hit the ceiling and then just sit there and watch the water drip, drip, drip, drip back down.  Gosh we had fun!


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