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First Bahama Cruise Line Passport Club Member (name unknown) and Captain Jens Thorn on S.S. Bermuda Star -- March 1986.  Captain Thorn was one of the owners of Bermuda Star Line and ran a very tight ship.  His father was a German U-boat captain in WWII.  (Bahama Cruise Line was later changed to Bermuda Star Line, Inc.). 

These are two photos from the album, covering the period of March 1986 through September 3, 1987.  The album, which contains photos of various Bahama Cruise Line, Inc. Passport Club events held on the S.S. Bermuda Star, was given to us by Captain Dimitrescu because no one in Alang would have any use of it and would just be thrown away.  From time to time, the photos were used in the "Telegraph," the newsletter of the Bahama Cruise Line Passport Club.  If anyone would like to know if there is a photo of a particular person during that time period, please e-mail us.  Unfortunately, we (Bill and Ginger) aren't able to upload all the photos.



This given to us by Captain Dimitrescu from under the glass on the navigation table on the Bridge.  The Captain had a copy made for us of the original one because we thought it would be a nice addition to our site.


This page was also laying under the glass on the navigation table on the Bridge.  It was a little harder to remove because it was stuck to the table after all those years.  The Captain gave us the original. 

In January 2004 we visited an antique shop in Arcadia, Florida, and we found a book entitled, "Ocean Liners of the 20th Century" by Gordon Newell.  Lo and behold, this was a page in the book.  The page features Commodore Thomas N. Simmons.



This photo of the S.S. Brasil, taken prior to 1963, was the third one laying under the glass on the navigation table on the Bridge.  Like the prior article, this was a little harder to remove.  This is the original that was on the table.


Captain Dimitrescu entertained us with orange juice in these hurricane glasses in the Captain's Quarters.  He wanted us to have them as keepsakes. 


These are two of the three ring binders that were used as "Welcome" books on the Enchanted Isle and Enchanted Capri which would greet every passenger on a table in every stateroom.  Captain Dimitrescu gave us the books.










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