Mormacsky (C-5, Sea Bridge Class, 4/28/69, Ingalls) sold to American Export and became "Great Republic" 10/19/1970; turned into  MARAD (U.S. Maritime Administration) for new construction 1981; became (Aviation Logistics Ship) T-AVB 4 USS "Curtiss" in 1986; served in Desert Storm (Marine Corp Aviation Repair Ship, with 325 US Marine technicians on board) in 1990/91. In MARAD ROS (short crewed) status. She in now partialy crewed at San Diego.

(Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)








The second vessel with the name Mormacsky was one of three oil tankers built in San Diego during the 1970s for Moore-McCormack.

The other two tankers were the Mormacsun and the Mormacstar.


Crowd gathers for the launching ceremony of the Mormacsky on August 21, 1976 in San Diego, Calfornia.  (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

On the ways. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

Going down the ways. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)


Hilde Vanderploeg, Captain Harold Vanderploeg, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Crowley at the launching ceremony in San Diego, Calf. (Courtesy of Captain Harold Vanderploeg)

In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (Courtesy of Chief Engineer Charles Ecker.)

Mormacsky Plaque

Plaque of the "Launching of the Mormacsky." 

 Life Ring (Courtesy of Charles Ecker.)

Forecastle Card

Station Bill

United States Coast Guard Forecastle Card - Articles of Agreement between Master and Seamen in the Merchant Service of the United States. (Courtesy of Charles Ecker.)

Station Bill - Stations that are to be manned by each rating in case of an emergency. (Courtesy of Charles Ecker.)

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